Lake of Fire Isa 34

********Compare parts of Isaiah 34 to parts of Revelation 6 and Revelation 12 and Revelation 19************* THE LAKE OF FIRE OF EDOM/BOZRAH WHERE THE FALSE PROPHET AND THE BEAST ARE CAST INTO….. [Isa 34:1-11 KJV] 1 Come near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; … [Read more…]

The Rapture, Blood Moons and Apokalypsis Revelation

THE WITHHOLDER The Rapture concerns the church 2 Thess 2:6( that which withholdeth evil back [not totally, but somewhat tamps it down as history shows when it rises up] from the world ) made up of Jew and Gentile, male, female, bond, slave, peoples, nations, tongues hidden in mystery from the ages, joined by faith … [Read more…]

Monthly Post

Hopefully this will qualify as my monthly post.  I am not using my computer to make this post, because my computer seems to have met its timely end – being the ancient technological age of three years old, its certainly considered a dinosauroslaptopus – a petrified relic of days gone by. If I’m able to log … [Read more…]

From the Perspective of Purity

There is no doubt that our sensibilities have become exceedingly dulled to the point of numbness.  It is no longer shocking to see women march one by one into the abortion factories, where babies, formed in their mother’s wombs, with nothing to fear, are suddenly sucked out by a machine and ripped into pieces.  These parts … [Read more…]

The DARK SIDE of the LOON (Biblically Speaking)

OR, HOW TO DEAL WITH THE LUNATICK FRINGE:  (Biblically speaking, of course) Mystery Babylon is fallen, fallen and has become a hold for every foul and demonic spirit and a cage for every unclean bird. WHAT DOES this MEAN? If we know scripture from GENESIS through REVELATION and read it through each year, we will … [Read more…]

Dark Nights of Christmas

The area that you live in might have been different this year, but around here there was no more than an average of 10% of homes that displayed Christmas lights.  There was a small individual DVD player in the section of Walmart that played a few Christmas songs, but most the stores it was almost … [Read more…]

And He Stood On The Shore Of The Sea

And He Stood On The Shore Of The Sea.. A Survey of Revelation 13 The disciples of Jesus (Yeshua) marveled that the wind and the sea obeyed His voice Matt 8:24. The Psalmist in Psalms 93 declares that the LORD is armed with strength and that He is mightier than the roar of many waters, … [Read more…]

Against The Beast (My Secret Life) Part 2

PASSING THROUGH THE BARBED-WIRE After my ‘coming out’ party, so to speak, in that I publically admitted for the first time that I did not renew my Driver’s License because of the Real ID Act 2005 (RIA05) requirements and the Gold Circle Star on the (RIA05) Driver’s License that shows compliancy to World Government and … [Read more…]