Pray for U.S. again!

The originally Jan 30th post “Pray for US” – should have been posted on January 30th – and I thought I had.  I can report that what an experience to be a Lot standing against Sodom and to witness those stalwart Christians who came forth as witnesses together in prayer – the gospel was preached to those who may have never heard the gospel – and the Word of GOD was stood upon.  This is an ongoing saga with huge and national AntiChristian groups who are engaging in this very local battle.  (This procedure by the left is becoming more and more common – having won grounds in the big cities, their big money has begun to attack the smallest and most conservative of towns with fears of reprisal by law, lawsuits and the like, personal attacks, and media attacks – it’s as if the gates of hell have been opened!) But we are assured that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.  It was also interesting to note that some churches have become fortresses of ‘don’t bother us with sin, Lot!  Who are you to judge us.’   It has been a privilege and a great learning experience a great spiritual warfare that is ongoing this very moment and continues until Christ returns.  I confess it is true – that the LORD blesses those who are persecuted for HIS Name Sake.  We should, I think, ask ourselves as Christian soldiers, are we in the battle?  Please remember to pray for us – this will continue for a while – at least through spring when final decisions are being made.  Pray that GOD’s will be done, that the lost will be saved, and that Christians will stand strong on the foundation of the Word of GOD and its truth.  Amen.  Thank you for praying..

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