The Top 9 Deceptions of Hebrew Roots Against Christianity


Why do I know these things?  Because I’ve lived them, and lived to refute them — AND watched these dangerous deceptions move from just a few evil and deceiving men into the broader movement, and over the course of almost a decade – seeped into even mainstream Jewish and Roots movements.  And I ask myself – “Why is it so easy for just a few men to deceive?”


1.  *****Ishtar is Easter — FALSE. It is Oster from Luther the Evangelist who spoke German and translated Pesach as Oster – the name of a German month in which Easter fell. This was later translated into English as “Easter” – but most of the world translates some form of Pesah/Pasha, etc. Same event, same Sunday different translations and a few different traditions in different countries. Bede the ancient historian supposed it (Easter) was called after a pagan goddess, to which he himself admitted this was his own idea without any historical proof, modern detractors jumped on the Bede “supposition” and spread it far and wide to destroy the Sunday Tradition of celebrating CHRIST’s resurrection. Luther was the Monk who first printed the Bible for the reading by the general public with the new invention called the printing press . At the council of Nicaea, I believe it was called “pesach” week. Besides that – do we REALLY believe, are we so deceived that we believe that 2 centuries of Christians were NOT worshiping JESUS CHRIST the only begotten Son of GOD. but rather demons on Resurrection Sunday?
2. *****JESUS really means Zeus and Christians worship Zeus the pig god, a demon— FALSE. The ignorance of this falsehood is unbelievable and twisted. Ieosus translated into Jesus was first used in the Septuagint, the Hebrew translation for the Greeks in Diaspora as Ieosus (Jesus) is in the Old Testament 1 Chron 24:11, Neh 8:17 before the New Testament was ever written. Jesus is simply a translation of Ieosus into English. (they also try the same game with “Christos” for Messiah – but that is also in the Septuagint.
What an awful deception that people easily fall into because of carnality.
3. *****The Cross is not the ” t ” shape — FALSE. They say it is an ” l ” shape or an ” x “, an actual tree – but NEVER the offensive ” t ” shape which is an ancient pagan symbol. But JESUS said that CROSS is an offense to all who hate GOD, and the Cross since the death, burial and resurrection has stood for redemption. Jesus said “if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me” and that the “sign of the Son of Man would appear in the heaven” – the ” t ” shape cross is always shown as being lifted up into the heavens – and JESUS is between heaven and earth – the two covenants of Galatians 4. If the Cross ” t ” wasn’t such an offensive, why after 2,000 years are they trying to change it? Because they hate the symbol – it offends them. PS – never mention the CROSS to a roots group – perhaps ye shall be mobbed.
4. ******The Name of GOD and JESUS are changed: FALSE. Infrequently as new information surfaces from old sources arises, this causes the Name of GOD and JESUS to change. They are so brilliant they have discovered many new ways to say GOD and JESUS which brings great sanctification and makes one first in heaven. These new tongue twisting ways of saying GOD or Jesus’ Name will make one closer to salvation than ever before — IF one can pronounce them correctly — and straight from the “so-called” “Paleo Hebrew” discoveries from self-named scholars and even now from some seemingly believable ones who are NOT Christian. With many twists and turns – we change the name to anything but JESUS – the offensive Name above all Names.
5. ******Feasts: FALSE. Even if one lives in sin, commits regular fornication and remarries frequently, drinking, drugs and other such things that are “cool”, if one keeps the feasts – the Biblical feasts, one is more “sanctified” than anyone else. Besides keeping the feasts, even getting drunk at them are pretty cool. And – no notice is given to culture deceptions like rampant homosexuality, abortions, mass-slaughter of Christians and so on, because the feasts and consuming meat and drink allows us to not worry about these other things.
6. *******Christmas is a pagan holiday worshiping the Sun god on the winter solstice: FALSE. There is good evidence that supports a Christmas/Chanukah time-frame birth of Christ, the great light in the darkest time on earth. There is also good evidence supporting a Passover birth, a 9th of Av birth, a Sukkot (Tabernacles) birth as well. No. One. Knows. If they say that they DO KNOW – they LIE. Why NOT celebrate the LIGHT of the WORLD that came unto men with lights lighting up the darkest month as a chance to spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST to the world? This lie is spread because Like the Name of JESUS, like the CROSS and like Resurrection Sunday – CHRISTMAS – CHRIST-MAS is an OFFENSE to sinners.
7. ******RESURRECTION and PENTECOST fall on any day:: FALSE. According to scripture they should always fall on a Sunday. Both of them. The latest deception is Changing the counting of the Omer to 49 days and/or changing the “morrow after the Sabbath” which is clearly the regular weekly Sabbath, to the 1st day of Passover which is a sabbath of rest. This makes RESURRECTION SUNDAY, which is CLEARLY SUNDAY the first day of the week in Genesis 1, John 1 and in the Gospels, to any other day of the week. This change also makes Pentecost, rather than falling on the prescribed by scripture 1st day of the week – or Sunday (morrow after the Sabbath, count ye 7 sabbaths + 1 day), to any day of the week as well. Anything — anything to distract, change, override, delude people from following after the CHRISTIANS JESUS CHRIST.
8. ******Saying Hebrew words makes one closer to GOD and GOD wants us to speak Hebrew: FALSE. It is clear that the HEBREW language is singularly special like none other. But WHO invented ALL languages? Does GOD speak to the Muslim being bombed by terrorist in Hebrew? Does HE speak to the little English girl in Hebrew, to the Chinese Christian about to be shot on a firing range in Hebrew? Scripture says there are languages, tongues, tribes and peoples in heaven worshiping GOD and on the day of Pentecost the apostles and disciples spoke in tongues. Learn Hebrew of COURSE. But do not worship the language. Worship the CREATOR of all Languages.
9. *******We are not “Christians” we are “Believers”. FALSE. I believe in peanut butter and banana sandwiches and that Elvis lives!!! (not really), what does that make me? NOTHING. I can “believe” in anything – and yes, the word “believers” are found in the New Testament – in two instances, the word G4100 “pisteuo” from G4102 “pistis” and the definition is to have faith or believe in anything. In context is was used of the Jews of Jerusalem who believed in Messiah the Christ in Acts 5, and in an admonition to Timothy to be a good example. The Jews were first called “Christians” in Antioch as a mockery against Christ (Christos), and then by King Agrippa who mocked Paul, and finally from Peter who said this: “[1Pe 4:16 KJV] 16 Yet if [any man suffer] as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.” The Name of OFFENSE to the WORLD stuck – “Christian” or “Christianos” for which Christians have been slaughtered literally by the millions for 2 centuries. Should we STOP offending the world and return to the non-committal name “Believers”? After all – few but our own circle will know that we follow CHRIST the MESSIAH by the Name “Believers”.
There are many other such deceptions in the Hebrew Roots which has creeped its way into even mainstream denominations and even into Jewish Roots as well.
This is just the tip of the ice-berg on the many offenses against the Name of JESUS and Christianity afforded by the so-called “roots” movement. What was a beautiful thing to behold has become so corrupted by but a few men with words. We should not be surprised, but I am still shocked by how rapidly these lies have spread. The excitement of relating to the Jewish culture from the Hebrew language has overcome many in such manner as what they previously taken by faith in holiness unto the LORD, has now become a matter of pride. God forgive us.

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