If My People-In Context 1

If My People-In Context

Too many Christians quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 totally out of context. It is one of those verses that is quoted flippantly. I would say almost all Christians have no idea of the context of this verse. Context means everything. At a later date we will be doing a series on the concept found in this passage for now we will just do a quick look at the context and pick out some key points. Continue reading “If My People-In Context” »

Story of Jonah: Confession, Repentance, Favor of God

jonahA couple of Sundays ago I preached on the Book of Jonah at Seattle Open Door Church. There are many different spiritual principles we can pull from the story of Jonah. It depends what you focus on in the story line. Do you focus on the sailors, the big fish, the people of Nineveh, Jonah, the storm, etc.? Do you focus on God’s mercy, grace, judgment, forgiveness? When you read the book it can be discouraging because you are left hanging about what happen with Jonah. If you look at the book as only being about Jonah you will miss so much from the storyline. In the sermon I did I choose to focus mainly on the others than Jonah. Continue reading “Story of Jonah: Confession, Repentance, Favor of God” »

Conviction-Repentance-Favor of God

Today’s message at Seattle Open Door Church>The Book of Jonah has an interesting storyline. Too many who read the book of Jonah get focused on Jonah and forget about the other people in the story. For example what about the sailors in the story? There is a storm and they cry out to their gods and there is no relief. So they seek answers. it is revealed to them that Jonah is the cause of the story. The sailors call out to God, offer a sacrifice to God and made vows to God. The God of Jonah. They are led to throw Jonah out of the boat and the storm leaves. They are convicted that their gods have no power (conviction), they cry out to the God of Israel,  make sacrifices and vow to Him (repentance), and the storm ends (they find favor with God). Jonah 1:9-16

Jonah ends up in Nineveh and preaches a message of judgment upon Nineveh. Nineveh is convicted and starts fasting praying and repenting. God turns from His judgment of Nineveh. Once again we see conviction, repentance, favor of God. Jonah 3:5-10 Continue reading “Conviction-Repentance-Favor of God” »

What Should American Christians Do? Part Two 2

repentWhat Should American Christians Do?
What should American Christians do about the moral decline in America, the antagonism and hatred towards God in America, the threat of terrorism and specifically Radical Islamists, the Middle East Crisis, the overall ‘falling apart’ of our world as we know it? There are many things that Christians can do, but the first thing is to REPENT!

The number thing that American Christians should do is repent! Without repentance everything else we share is meaningless. Without repentance God’s judgment is coming upon America. The reality is His judgment has already come to America. Repentance will slow down the judgment and there is the potential to stop the judgment through repentance and revival.

Continue reading “What Should American Christians Do? Part Two” »