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Racism-Solution Seven-Focus on Unity-Part Sixteen 3

unity focus

Racism in America
Solution-Part Seven
Focus on Unity

If there is any chance of there being a solution to racism in America it is going to take all those involved to make a commitment to not focus on the differences but on the similarities-focus on unity.  This in no way is to deny there is racism, to deny the struggles of those who have been victims of racism, to lessen the value of different cultures or to insinuate we all most act, think, and be the same. Unity does not mean to be the same, similar, ‘look the same as’. Continue reading “Racism-Solution Seven-Focus on Unity-Part Sixteen” »

Racism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege 3

white privilegeRacism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege

The phrase White Privilege has become very popular among some groups. It is offensive to other groups. Is there such a thing as White Privilege in America? Is it something of the past or is it in effect in the present? Is there such a thing as Minority Privilege? Does it depend upon where you live? Is ‘White Privilege’ based upon color of skin or based upon right choices? What if the answer yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes based upon the questions above. If there is White Privilege is there a way to fix it? Has some of the solutions to White Privilege been ineffective or not fair? Continue reading “Racism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege” »