America Has Cancer

america has cancer

America Has Cancer

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution for America’s condition.

Christians-stop looking for political leaders, government leaders, MAN as the solution. They are all band aids to a cancerous disease.There is the need for band aids. There is a need to keep wounds from getting worse, but band aids do not cure disease, especially cancerous disease.

Too many Christians are looking at the symptoms and thinking it is a political party problem. Politics are the symptoms, not the disease. The root of the problem, the disease, is the heart, not politics. And it is the heart of more than Democrats. It is the overall spiritual condition of America. Continue reading “America Has Cancer” »

Inauguration and Martial law 1

martial law

Inauguration and Martial law

There are over 300,000 people who plan to show up at Trump’s inauguration to protest. Protesters will attempt to close down 12 security checkpoints at the U.S. Capitol, where Trump will take the oath of office on Jan. 20, according to leaders of a group called DisruptJ20. Security will include more than 3,200 police officers from departments across the country, 8,000 members of the National Guard and an additional 5,000 active-duty military members. Continue reading “Inauguration and Martial law” »

Inauguration-Protest or Pray? 1

Inauguration-Protest or Pray?

It is very clear that there are many individuals unhappy with Donald Trump becoming President. This includes Progressives, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents. However, a majority of those who are unhappy with Donald Trump as President, understand that he was legitimately voted in as President and accept that he will be our next President. Continue reading “Inauguration-Protest or Pray?” »

Make America Great Again 1

make america great again

Make America Great Again

What American would not want America Great Again. Now maybe there are some Americans who do not believe America was ever great. That is fine, they are Americans and are entitled to their opinion. BUT, what American could not say they want America to be Great? If not, I question why they are an American citizen and why they are living in America. If a person totally hates this country, we are a country that gives you the freedom to move to another country. Continue reading “Make America Great Again” »

Racism in America-Conclusion 13

racism in america

Racism in America-Conclusion

This a summary of our Racism in America Series. We have written 18 articles in this series with eight suggested solutions to Racism in America. We have done our best to help show ways how to prevent racism. However, the truth is that as long as there are fallen human beings on earth there will be racism. What matters is that we do our part to not be racist, prejudiced, or be a bigot.We may not be able to remove all racism in America but we can do our best to make sure there is no racism in our own heart. Ultimately that is all we are responsible for at the end of the day.

Continue reading “Racism in America-Conclusion” »

Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ 4

gospel of jesus christ

Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ

If we want to see racism eradicated (will never be eradicated while people are on earth) it is going to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is going to take each of us admitting that we are fallen human beings, that we are sinners, and we need a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is going to take the Word of God transforming us. It is going to take God through His Holy Spirit exposing the racism and prejudices of our heart. It is going to take us repenting of the racism in our hearts. It is going to take the love of God overtaking us so that we can love people of other races. Continue reading “Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ” »

Vote for Hillary as First Female President

hillary clinton president

Vote for Hillary Clinton as First Female President

Some of you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton for President mainly because she is the first female that was nominated as President. Go ahead and vote for her. Nothing anybody says will most likely stop you. BUT here are a few things to think of you have not voted for her yet. (I am sure most of you have already.) And if you have already voted for her, some things to talk to God about.

Emotions and Feelings
Are you more concerned about the First Female President being Hillary Clinton or could it have been any female and Hillary happens to be the one? If you would vote for any female that was nominated regardless of who they would be, I am going to be honest, you are voting completely on emotions and feelings. No use reading the balance of the post because everything article I write is based upon logic, wisdom, using the amazing brain God gave you. We as human beings should never make serious life changing decisions based upon emotions and feelings. Continue reading “Vote for Hillary as First Female President” »

Vote for Donald Trump-Make America Great

trump president

Vote for Donald Trump-Make America Great

Isn’t that the reason Christians are voting for Trump? They believe God can use him to Make America Great Again. (Many of the Christian prophets of the day are saying this.) They are voting for him because they are voting against Hillary. They are voting for not specifically him, but the GOP platform. They are voting for him because they are tired of the ungodly policies of the Democratic Party. All of those are good reasons to vote for Trump than Hillary. So go ahead and vote for him. This article will not change your mind, most of you have already voted for him. The purpose of this article is to get you think beyond election day. (I have not voted yet.) Continue reading “Vote for Donald Trump-Make America Great” »

If My People-In Context 1

If My People-In Context

Too many Christians quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 totally out of context. It is one of those verses that is quoted flippantly. I would say almost all Christians have no idea of the context of this verse. Context means everything. At a later date we will be doing a series on the concept found in this passage for now we will just do a quick look at the context and pick out some key points. Continue reading “If My People-In Context” »

Can’t Wait for Election 2016 to be Over 1


Can’t Wait for Election 2016 to be Over

Just one more day and Election 2016 will hopefully be over. Many people are probably saying “Can’t wait for the election to be over so things can get back to normal”. I would say this whole messed up Election 2016 occurred because of things being what many would call normal. I am hoping and praying that things do not go back to normal on Nov 9. I am praying for the abnormal. Yes, I want what has been abnormal to take place in America. Enough of the normal that has brought us to the point of having the two worse presidential candidates there could possibly be.

So what is normal in America? Continue reading “Can’t Wait for Election 2016 to be Over” »