Falsely Accused-Jesus our Example 2


Falsely Accused-Jesus our Example

Have you ever been falsely accused? Almost all of us have been falsely accused by someone at some point in time. The question is how do we handle false accusations? What did Jesus do when falsely accused? What does the Bible teach?

Why was Jesus falsely accused? Mainly because He claimed to be equal with God. But also because of His good deeds. There are times when we are doing what is right people will attack us. What should we do? Continue reading “Falsely Accused-Jesus our Example” »

Are You a Mighty Warrior?

are you a mighty warrior

Are You a Mighty Warrior?

I am not talking about a warrior in the physical realm. I am not even talking about being a warrior in life. I am talking about being a warrior for Jesus Christ. I am talking about fighting for the truths found in the Bible. I am talking about fighting for what is morally right. I am talking about fighting against spiritual darkness. I am talking about fighting for the salvation of souls. I am talking about taking back what Satan has stolen-innocence, our youth, our nation, the Church to a large extent.

It is time Christians put down the sword of division and Declare the Word of God.

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Mighty Warrior for King Jesus 2

warrior jesus king

Mighty Warrior for King Jesus

It is very clear we are living in the end times. It is clear we need revival. It is clear it is time to go to battle for the Kingdom. It is time to be mighty warriors for King Jesus. It is time for the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry. ALL FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST.

The battle is not a physical battle, it is a spiritual battle.
Ephesians 6:10-12 (ESV)
10  Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.
11  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.
12  For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
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Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

be filled holy spirit

Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Ephesians 5:18
Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit

Isn’t it interesting that Apostle Paul uses such a contrast. Instead of being drink with wine, be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is as if they are being seen as opposites. Drunk with or ‘drunk’ with the Holy Spirit. In other words be overcome with the Holy Spirit. He was speaking to Christians who obviously were born again and thus had the Holy Spirit living in them. Thus there must be the ability to have more of the Holy Spirit. To have an abundance of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading “Be Filled with the Holy Spirit” »

Brittney Holifield Testimonial


Brittney Holifield Testimonial

When I made an emergency trip to Arkansas I made sure I dropped by a church close to our home. I made some great connections. On Monday I felt strongly led to drop by the Celebrate Recovery meeting. Time wise it was not the best decision, but spiritually it was well worth it. I was able to hear the testimony of Brittney Holifield. Her story is a story of redemption and transformation.

Brittney was addicted to marijuana, opiates, meth, and cigarettes. She also had a major sexual addiction, and extremely co-dependent. Along the way Brittney got pregnant and had an abortion. In the natural realm it would seem that there was no hope for her. She was quickly going down the path of total destruction.

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Falsely Accused for Doing Right 1

falsely accused for doing right

Falsely Accused for Doing Right

Have you ever been falsely accused for doing the right thing? Has anyone every taken advantage of your kindness? Has someone been angry with you because you have spoken the truth in love? Have you felt like you were being persecuted for not being conformed to this world?

It should be clear that Jesus completely understands what you are going through. He knows a little bit about false accusations. Actually the whole time He was on earth as man He was repeatedly being falsely accused.

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Unplanned-the Movie 2

unplanned pregnacy abortion

Unplanned-the Movie

Unplanned is the true story of Abby Johnson who became the youngest clinic director in the history of Planned Parenthood, then a life-changing experience turns her into an anti-abortion activist. Abby receives a Planned Parenthood director of the year award, but later is outspoken about the tactics of Planned Parenthood. What changed???????

“My story isn’t an easy one to hear. I think I probably ought to warn you of that up front.” Those words introduce us to Abby Johnson in Unplanned, which tells the true story of how this former Planned Parenthood clinic director changed her mind about abortion. Indeed, her story isn’t easy to watch. But it forces viewers to confront the reality of abortion from an unexpected viewpoint.

Any human being, whether they are pro-choice or pro-life, cannot watch this movie and not be touched by this true story. Only a person with a very cold heart will not be moved by this movie.

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Download from God 2

downoad from god-hearing his voice

Download from God
Hearing His Voice

One of the greatest experiences there is in life is to receive a Download from God. What do I mean by a Download from God? I am talking about hearing the voice of God. Not an audible voice but Him speaking into your heart and mind. It is amazing! A Holy God speaking to a sinful, broken human being. What if I was to tell you that as a follower of Christ this should not be shocking. This should be seen as a normal event. A common event. You say, a common event? Absolutely!!!

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Don’t Abandon the Bible 2

dont abandon bible

Don’t Abandon the Bible
Play the Flute Movie

In today’s society, many, if not most, young people have no interest in the Bible or the things of God. Many young people today actually have a disdain for the Bible. In their minds the Bible has no relevancy, it is an outdated book.

So what happens? Many church youth group leaders are abandoning the Bible. They have gone to food, entertainment, and fun to capture youth, and have to continually increase the food, entertainment, and fun to keep the youth involved. Yes, they have a large youth group, but their is no substance.

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God Wants to Work Through You 2

God Wants to Work Through You

Many, if not most of us, who do ministry are working for God, when God wants to work for us. He doesn’t want us to work so hard that we drop dead for Him. The work of the ministry is vital, even critical, and it is time sensitive.  We certainly need to take ministry serious. However, God still wants us to find time to rest and be with family and friends, enjoying the good things freely bestowed on us.

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