Warning to Christians

Donald Trump and the Conservative Christian Right

trump pagan republicanDonald Trump and the Conservative Christian Right

Cliff Notes of this Article
Here are the Cliff Notes of this article.
Republican politicians know they must win the votes of the Conservative Christian Right. If a GOP candidate does not get their vote they will not be the Republican nominee. Cruz, Rubio, and Carson will have no problem getting Christians to vote for them. Trump learned early last year he needed the Christian vote. He knew that one of the reasons he did not do good at his attempt for political office 3 years ago is because he did not have the support of Conservative Christians. So, suddenly in the last year Trump has had an awakening. He suddenly is a conservative and a strong Christian man. There is no evidence in his life of this dramatic conversion but he has learned with most American sheeple that are Conservative Christian Right you just have to be angry enough, hateful enough, shout loud enough and you can get their vote regardless of what your character is like. Regardless of what your past has been. Continue reading “Donald Trump and the Conservative Christian Right” »

Warning to Christians-Intro

warning remnantWarning to American Christians
Responding to Homosexual Marriage

The following article is my personal perspective. In no way am I saying that this is a ‘Thus sayeth the Lord’. However I do believe that the Lord has given me some insights and that He has called me to give a warning to the Body of Christ on the proper way to respond to the recent Supreme Court decision. This article is only written in the perspective of what just took place with SCOTUS in regards to making homosexual marriage legal in all 50 States. There are certainly many more issues taking place in America.

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Warning to Christians-Part One 1

Gay-Christian-Cross-and-Pink-Triangle-warningWarning to American Christians
Category One

Pro-Homosexual Christians

These are the Christians that not only support homosexual marriage but actually believe that homosexuality is not a sin. Or they may say it can be a sin but if the partners are loyal to each other it is not a sin. These individuals will say one of the following in regards to the passages found in the Bible regarding homosexuality.
a. It is not relevant today.
b. Only applies to non-committed homosexual relationships
c. Only applies to non-consensual homosexuality.
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Warning to Christians-Part Two 1

love-thumbnialWarning to American Christians
Category Two

Who Cares-Love, Love, Love Christians

This category of Christians really don’t care about the SCOTUS decision. They say “It doesn’t matter, let people do what they want to do.  We can’t do anything about it. Besides It doesn’t affect you or me.” They can be the same Christians that don’t get concerned about the millions of innocent unborn babies that have been killed. Some don’t get that concerned that our world is getting worse and worse. In fact some say it isn’t really getting that bad.

Some do disagree with homosexuality, abortion etc. They may even be sad and weep for America. But they just think as Christians we should keep our convictions to ourselves, or share the Gospel mainly by our behavior not words.  They like ‘positive’ messages about being better people. Joel Osteen followers. These Christians are normally those who don’t like sermons that bring strong conviction. They normally are the don’t judge Christian. Love, love, love, grace, grace, grace Christians. Christians shouldn’t get involved in politics or should keep it to themselves.
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Warning to Christians-Part Three 1

patriotic anti gayWarning to American Christians
Category Three

Patriotic, Anti-Homosexual Marriage

This category of Christians are sold out for Jesus Christ. They love the Word of God. They truly love this nation founded on biblical principles. They are the type to die for this nation and for Jesus Christ. They are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They believe in using the freedom we have in this country to bring a positive influence in America and using the freedom to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Warning to Christians-Part Four 1

gods plan satans planWarning to American Christians
Summary of Three Types of Christians

Almost for sure no matter what takes place, Pro-Homosexual Christians that are not truly born again will most likely go deeper into darkness. There may be a few that realize the errors of their ways. A true revival in America can certainly change the hearts of some of these Christians.
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Warning to Christians-Part Five 1

remnant christiansWarning to American Christians
Category Four Christians
The Remnant

The last category of Christians we want to talk about is The Remnant. They are Christians that are sold out for Christ all the way. They are in a loving committed relationship with Jesus Christ and are by His grace walking in His righteousness and are allowing the Holy Spirit to sanctify them on a daily basis. They are like the five virgins who have their lamps filled with oil. They love America, but God is #1. They know where home is and they want as many as possible to share heaven with them.

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Warning to Christians-Summary 1

Warning to American Christians

Are you a Christian?
Do you know for sure that you are born again? Notice I said born again, not a Christian. Many people believe they are Christians but they have never accepted Christ in their life and become a new creation. They have not been saved or born again. If this sounds new to you, click here to learn more about being a Born Again Christian. If you have questions about Christianity we have a FAQs on Christianity section that is very helpful. We also have a site that has free Christian Bible Study Videos on a variety of topics that can be very helpful. If you are a Christian how about sharing these sites with others so they learn about Christianity.
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