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GOP Not Conservative-No Carson, No Cruz, No Rubio

GOP Not Conservative-No Carson, No Cruz, No Rubio

The GOP/Republican Party has shown by its overall support of Donald Trump that it is no longer the Conservative Party. It is no longer the Party that values matter. It is no longer the Party that leans towards God. It is no longer the Party that stands for moral principles. It is no longer the Party that believes character is important. Continue reading “GOP Not Conservative-No Carson, No Cruz, No Rubio” »

Disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson

Disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson

Very disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson. Not disappointed in him deciding to no longer run for President It was obvious he was not going to have any chance at the nomination. Too many Christians on the Trump Bandwagon. Disappointed for other reasons. Hopefully I am totally wrong in my perspective. Ultimately only God knows.

The following are my disappointments with Carson:

a. Based upon Ben Carson’s ongoing remarks it appears that he is still holding a personal grudge against Cruz because his campaign saying he was getting out of the race during the Iowa Caucus. I can understand him being upset and angry, but as a Christian you should forgive an move on. Plus Cruz himself was not responsible and personally apologized. Do I think the Cruz campaign has some sleazy practices? Absolutely. But Carson over and over brought this matter up as he says in the same breath he has given forgiveness. A person who keeps bringing up their ‘abuse’ is a person who has not truly forgiven. Now forgiveness is a process, but Carson ran a campaign based upon being a man of godly principle. Continue reading “Disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson” »

Ben Carson on Second Amendment

ben carson gun controlBen Carson on Second Amendment

It is very amazing how the Conservative media totally ignores Dr. Ben Carson on the various issues and continuously tries to ignore him on the issues and tries to make him appear weak on the issues. Watch this video from 9 months ago when he spoke to the NRA in regards to his position on the Second Amendment. Does he sound weak on the Second Amendment to you? Continue reading “Ben Carson on Second Amendment” »

Dr. Carson and His Specific Goals as President 1

ben carson heal handsDr. Ben Carson and His Specific Goals as President

Dr. Ben Carson is the only GOP candidate that is coming out with specific goals and details of implementing those goals in regards to the issues of the day. The other candidates are busy at name calling, attacking each other, making promises with no specifics. Continue reading “Dr. Carson and His Specific Goals as President” »

Which One Reflects Christianity? 1

carson trumpWhich One Reflects Christianity?

I strongly believe that when a political candidate claims to be Christian, and especially when they use that claim to try and get votes, then it is fair game to look at their life and evaluate their life to see if it reflects the character of Christ. Of course, every candidate and person falls short. But is there some evidence of them trusting in Christ as their LORD and Savior and a desire to live according to the principles found in Scripture? If they claim to be a Christian then their positions on the issues should line up with biblical principles. Continue reading “Which One Reflects Christianity?” »

We the People-Our Hands Heal

carson we the peopleWe the People-Our Hands Heal
We the People-These Hands

Dr. Ben Carson believes the solution to America’s problems is not the government but We the People. The solution is not the government but God working through His people. The solution is not yelling, shouting, name calling, spewing poison but American uniting together and applying Biblical principles to the problems of the day. Applying and following the principles found in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Continue reading “We the People-Our Hands Heal” »

Dr. Ben Carson-What Makes Him Unique? 1

carson we the peopleDr. Ben Carson-What Makes Him Unique?

What makes Dr. Ben Carson stand out from the other Republican and Democratic candidates? I am going to approach this topic in a unique manner by answering the question by asking another question and sharing the answer to the second question. You will understand why in a moment.

I was reading an article titled “Why is EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network-A Catholic Television Network) Boycotting Ben Carson” by Justin Soutar. His position is that ETWN is controlled by the Beltway media elite, the Washington D.C. media establishment and they are intentionally boycotting Carson because they absolutely loathe Carson and fear that Carson has the potential of winning the Presidential election if American citizens were fully aware of who the man, Dr. Carson is, and what he stands for as a Presidential candidate. Soutar believes Carson is the clearest example of a candidate that stands for just the opposite of what the media supports. So how does Soutar describe Carson? I believe that Mr Soutar’s description of Dr. Ben Carson is very accurate and his perspective on Dr. Ben Carson answers the question, What Makes Dr. Ben Carson Unique? Continue reading “Dr. Ben Carson-What Makes Him Unique?” »

Dr. Ben Carson-Steps to a Safer America 2

ben carsonDr. Ben Carson-Steps to a Safer America

Dr. Ben Carson because of his calm demeanor has been accused of being too soft in regards to handling terrorism. Yet, up to a year ago he has been stating that ISIS must be totally destroyed by whatever means possible. Some of the strategies listed below he has been speaking on for months. But because he does not shout, yell, attack, hate, and spew rhetoric he is seen as weak. Most Americans and even Christians do not understand the concept of meekness. strength under control. Jesus was meek but He certainly was not weak. Continue reading “Dr. Ben Carson-Steps to a Safer America” »

Articles on Dr. Ben Carson 1

Ben Carson not a Politician-Hurting Him? 1

ben carson presidentBen Carson is Not a Politician is it Hurting Him?
What Are People Looking for in a Candidate?

There are two Presidential candidates that are running for office that are not politicians. One is Donald Trump and the other is Dr. Ben Carson. Until recently Ben Carson was starting to pass up Donald Trump in various polls. But now it looks like Trump is doing better again.  Who knows, maybe in a week Trump will drop down and Carson will go up. That is why I don’t think we should trust polls. It matters who is being polled, it matters what has taken place that day, it matters who the polling agency is, it matters if it is an Internet poll or not. Any candidate who makes decisions based upon polls is a politician.

Latest Polling
The latest polling says that Americans really appreciate and respect Dr. Ben Carson on his character, integrity, and dealing with his opponents. But they feel he is very weak on foreign policy, does not have a handle on various issues, and is too soft spoken. They think he will be able to confront evil well. In regards to Trump people dislike his personality and believe he is divisive. But they think he will ‘get the job done’ and stand up to our enemies. Continue reading “Ben Carson not a Politician-Hurting Him?” »