What Should Americans Do?

What Should Americans Do?

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This category of blog articles is in regard to what Americans, specifically American Christians, should do in regards to what is taking place in the world, and mainly, America. We have eleven specific articles on this specific topic, titled What Should Americans Do?:
a. Not do nothing
b. Repent
c. Vote
d. Pray
e. Weep! Be in Anguish
f. Speak Out
g. Walk in Holiness
h. Pray for Revival
i. Not Give Up
j. Cry Out for Mercy
k. Lead People to Christ

We have subcategories under this main topic:
Christians Vote-About why Christians should vote, how should they determine who to vote for

It’s God’s Fault-This series is on the subject of the SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage in America. We can promise it will not be politically correct for Christians and non-Christians but will be biblically based.

Warning to Christians-A warning to Christians in regards how they handle the SCOTUS decision on homosexual marriage in America.

Syrian Refugees-What Should America Do?

We have another blog category that addresses Racism in America and the Hypocrisy Among Christian Right.

At One Time-Part One

at one time

At One Time
Part One

For those who have followed the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and nomination for Supreme Court Justice, you know how divisive it was during the hearings, and even after his confirmation. The hatred, bitterness, poison is beyond belief (sadly, it is the current political environment.) In the midst of all this, something just came out that gives some hope for our nation. Some hope that common sense still reigns.

Recently Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, who leans to the Left in politics, was asked how she will be able to get along with Kavanaugh as a Justice. Her response is powerful and enlightening. It reminded me how we were as a nation at one time. Continue reading “At One Time-Part One” »

At One Time-Part Two

at one time

At One Time
Part Two

In my previous article I shared how liberal leaning Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor stated she would relate to controversial conservative leaning Brett Kavanaugh who just became the latest Supreme Court Justice. “When you’re charged with working together for most of the remainder of your life, you have to create a relationship,” “The nine of us are now a family and we’re a family with each of us our own burdens and our own obligations to others, but this is our work family, and it’s just as important as our personal family.” She also said that she would not judge him by what he was accused of. “It was Justice [Clarence] Thomas who tells me that when he first came to the Court, another justice approached him and said, ‘I judge you by what you do here. Welcome.’ And I repeated that story to Justice Kavanaugh when I first greeted him here,” Continue reading “At One Time-Part Two” »

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part One 2

american refugees

Refugees in America-Part One

This series is in regards to refugees coming into America. It is going to address the biblical principles of how Christians should respond to refugees coming into America. I promise that this will be a balanced approach to this topic. Extreme liberals (just mentioning Christian and Bible makes them uncomfortable) and extreme conservatives most likely will be challenged. Extreme religious right, many of whom operate out of fear instead of out of the character of Christ, will be challenged. They will not like the facts but hopefully they will embrace the principles found in Scripture. (To read a summary of this entire series, click here.) Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part One” »

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Two 1

american refugees

Refugees Coming into America-Part Two
What Should Christians Not Do?

I should mention again this series is not in regards to specifically Syrian Refugees. I have an entire series on that topic. Again, all Americans should have some concerns regarding refugees coming from countries that have Islamic terrorists. Based upon statistics since 2002, there is a .0009% chance of a terrorist-related arrest or attack that leads to the loss of life from a Muslim refugee. Of course that can change any time. Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Two” »

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Three 3

american refugees

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Three
What Should Christians Do?

For any Christian reading this article they should already know what to do-Do what Jesus would do. How does that look? Well, here are some ideas. (If you have not read our article titled “What Christians Should Not Do”, check it out.) Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Three” »

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Four 2

no refugees in america

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Four
Valid Concerns-Balanced Approach

Many Americans and Christian Americans have valid concerns regarding refugees coming into America. I will address these legitimate concerns and at the same time hopefully bring balance. I will not be addressing the specific Syrian Refugee situation because I have written several articles on that topic. Also for the sake of keeping this article shorter than longer, I am not going to share all the Scriptures and principles I share in the Syrian Refugee Series. I would highly recommend reading the entire series to get a full understanding of what Scripture has to say about foreigners in the land. Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Four” »

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Summary 3

american refugees

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Summary

We have written four articles regarding refugees coming into America and the Christian response. We have specifically addressed the concern of Muslim refugees coming into America. We have tried to take a balanced approach regarding this topic. Here is a summary of this series. Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Summary” »

Weeping for Fidel Castro? 1

fidel castro

Weeping for Fidel Castro?

It appears the world is weeping for Fidel Castro. You know that humanitarian man who made healthcare and education free for all Cubans. You know that great man who delivered Cubans from a vicious dictator, Fulgencio Batista. Fidel Castro is the great man who united Cubans together. I mean he must be a great man with all the praise he is getting around the world. President Obama and former President Carter give him praise. Putin and Gorbachev praise him. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto praised him. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called him a great friend. Iran’s Supreme Leader and Muslim Cleric Ali Khamenei praised him.

It should be noted who is not praising him. The multitudes who were victims of his regime. The thousands who escaped Cuba from his regime. There are multitudes of Cuban Christians who are not praising him. They suffered greatly under his Communist/Marxist/Leninist rule. Continue reading “Weeping for Fidel Castro?” »

Vote for Hillary as First Female President

hillary clinton president

Vote for Hillary Clinton as First Female President

Some of you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton for President mainly because she is the first female that was nominated as President. Go ahead and vote for her. Nothing anybody says will most likely stop you. BUT here are a few things to think of you have not voted for her yet. (I am sure most of you have already.) And if you have already voted for her, some things to talk to God about.

Emotions and Feelings
Are you more concerned about the First Female President being Hillary Clinton or could it have been any female and Hillary happens to be the one? If you would vote for any female that was nominated regardless of who they would be, I am going to be honest, you are voting completely on emotions and feelings. No use reading the balance of the post because everything article I write is based upon logic, wisdom, using the amazing brain God gave you. We as human beings should never make serious life changing decisions based upon emotions and feelings. Continue reading “Vote for Hillary as First Female President” »

Vote for Donald Trump-Make America Great

trump president

Vote for Donald Trump-Make America Great

Isn’t that the reason Christians are voting for Trump? They believe God can use him to Make America Great Again. (Many of the Christian prophets of the day are saying this.) They are voting for him because they are voting against Hillary. They are voting for not specifically him, but the GOP platform. They are voting for him because they are tired of the ungodly policies of the Democratic Party. All of those are good reasons to vote for Trump than Hillary. So go ahead and vote for him. This article will not change your mind, most of you have already voted for him. The purpose of this article is to get you think beyond election day. (I have not voted yet.) Continue reading “Vote for Donald Trump-Make America Great” »