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Play the Flute Movie Reviews

Seattle Open Door Church sponsored the showing in Seattle of the movie Play the Flute. The theme of the movie is a church receives a new youth pastor for a very disinterested youth group. The youth have no desire to read the Bible or anything to do with spirituality. (Sadly this true for many young people today.) The youth pastor refuses to compromise or to use entertainment to win the youth. He makes a commitment to continuously teach Bible principles, share stories to help make the Bible real, and to cry out to God. Some amazing transformations take place in the midst of various challenges. Anyone who watches the movie, regardless of their spiritual background, will be touched by this movie. Continue reading “Play the Flute-Reviews” »

Don’t Abandon the Bible 2

dont abandon bible

Don’t Abandon the Bible
Play the Flute Movie

In today’s society, many, if not most, young people have no interest in the Bible or the things of God. Many young people today actually have a disdain for the Bible. In their minds the Bible has no relevancy, it is an outdated book.

So what happens? Many church youth group leaders are abandoning the Bible. They have gone to food, entertainment, and fun to capture youth, and have to continually increase the food, entertainment, and fun to keep the youth involved. Yes, they have a large youth group, but their is no substance.

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