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Champion-The Movie

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Champion-The Movie

Champion is a movie that addresses the topics of forgiveness, fatherhood, foster parenting and the power of second chances. CHAMPION depicts race car driver Sean Weathers’ journey following a tragic on-track accident that rips apart his family, leaving him vulnerable to the last person on earth who should help him. There are scenes in the movie that every viewer will be able to relate to on a personal level. Ultimately the movie is a story about the power of God to change lives.

Seattle Open Door Church is providing for our local community two free showings on Saturday May 20, 12:45pm & 3:00pm of the movie Champion. (The free showing has past. Read Testimonials about the movie.) Continue reading “Champion-The Movie” »

Champion Movie Testimonials-How Much is a Life Worth? 1

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Champion Movie Testimonials-How Much is a Life Worth?

I have some questions for you. How much is a life saved from hell worth to you? How much is a changed/transformed life worth? How much is a hopeless life turned to being a hopeful life worth to you? How much are you worth? Do others have the same value as you? The right answer of course is ‘more than you can imagine’. But do you believe it? How much time, effort, money will you give towards seeing a life saved from hell, transformed, turned hopeful? Continue reading “Champion Movie Testimonials-How Much is a Life Worth?” »

Champion Movie Testimonials-One Person’s Story 1

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Champion Movie Testimonials-One Person’s Story

The following story makes it worth all the effort and money spent by Seattle Open Door Church  to bring the Champion movie to a Seattle region theater. Because of our efforts the movie is going to show for at least one week. There is a reason why this had to occur. It wasn’t until after our last matinee showing of the movie did we learn why. Our Almighty God can arrange divine appointments.

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Champion Movie Testimonials-People Sharing 4

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Champion Movie Testimonials-People Sharing

Seattle Open Door Church  felt that the main theme of forgiveness is important enough that as many people as possible should see this video. Thus Seattle Open Door Church sponsored two matinee showings on the premier weekend showing of the movie Champion. We are so glad that we did this. The response of the attendees of the movie was amazing. Continue reading “Champion Movie Testimonials-People Sharing” »

Champion Movie Testimonials-DVD 4

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Champion Movie Testimonials DVD

Multitudes of DVD requests
Seattle Open Door Church
paid for two matinee showings of the premiere showing of the movie Champion. Sadly there was not the best attendance because of lack of marketing funds by us and the producer of the movie, good weather on a Seattle weekend, Joyce Meyer in town, and the Seattle International Movie Festival, we did not have the best turnout for the movie. BUT those who attended the movie were extremely thankful.

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