Rhetoric in America

Rhetoric in America Series-Introduction 2

rhetoric in americaRhetoric in America Series-Introduction

The image says Rhetoric-The Public Speaking Game. Much of what is being said in America by politicians, followers of politicians and various issues, and even Christians is like a game. Many individuals are more concerned about winning the game than they are about truth and facts.

Definition of Rhetoric
a. language that is intended to influence people and that may not be honest or reasonable
b. the art or skill of speaking or writing formally and effectively especially as a way to persuade or influence people Continue reading “Rhetoric in America Series-Introduction” »

Rhetoric in America-Part One

american muslimRhetoric in America-Part One
Muslims in America

I will share the talking points of both sides of the issue and then hopefully bring logic, reasoning, the Constitution, and Biblical principles into the discussion. For the sake of discussion I am including some of the extremes of both sides of this issue, to show the flaws of each of these extremes. Always in the midst of rhetoric there is some truths, but lies, deception. emotions, etc. are also inserted in the rhetoric. We need to focus on the truths and facts, not deception and emotions. Understand that in one article we cannot cover this topic to the fullest extent.

Anti-Muslims in America Rhetoric
This is a generalized title. The group on this side sees the potential of all Muslims being a threat to Americans. Even Muslims that are American citizens. To defend their position they demonize Islam and Muslims. Continue reading “Rhetoric in America-Part One” »

Rhetoric in America-Part Two 2

certificate of hypocrisyRhetoric in America-Part Two
Conservative Rhetoric and Hypocrisy

The rhetoric and hypocrisy among many Conservatives is starting to look more and more like the rhetoric and hypocrisy of liberals. (I am speaking in some generalities, but sadly they are becoming more commonplace.)

Conservatives Dislike Generalizations
Most police officers in America are doing a great job of being police officers. Conservatives get irritated when cop haters spend all their time posting about a bad cop and ignoring the fact that most police are not bad. Continue reading “Rhetoric in America-Part Two” »