Racism-The Solution

Racism in America–Part Eight 7

Racism in America-Part Eight
Solution Five-Expose It

One of the solutions of dealing with racism in America is to expose it when it occurs. In other words we need to do more than acknowledge there is still racism in America. We need to expose it when it is occurring. We need to confront racism head on. Not just wink at it. However, at the same time we need to make sure we are not calling things racist that are not. Currently in America there are too many people who are jumping on the racism bandwagon and are calling everything and everyone racist.

Sadly too many people, especially of color, have found it too easy to call people they disagree with racists, bigots, haters, etc. All that does is generate fuel for racism. All it does is feed the stereotype of people of color thinking there are nothing but victims. This name calling does nothing but harm to the preventing of racism.  Continue reading “Racism in America–Part Eight” »

Racism in America–Part Seven 3

identity in christRacism in America-Part Seven
Solution Four
Identity in Christ

We were going to discuss this solution later on in this series because it is the ultimate answer, but felt led we should cover this topic before addressing other solutions to racism. This article is specifically directed to those who are Christians. If you are not a Christian then you will not see this as a solution to stopping racism. Why? Because if you are not a Christian your identity certainly is not in Christ. It is in anything or everything except Christ. However, if you are a Christian then your identity should be in Christ alone-not your skin color, race, culture, heritage, upbringing, etc. This is not to say that any of these things are innately wrong. But they should not take precedence over Christ. Continue reading “Racism in America–Part Seven” »

Racism in America–Part six 3

breaking stereotypesRacism in America-Part Six
Solution Three
Breaking Stereotypes

Before we can break stereotypes we have to admit they exist. We have to admit they exist and that there is some truth in them. We have to admit they exist, that there is some truth in them, and stop excusing stereotypes. We have to admit they exist, that there is some truth in them, stop excusing stereotypes, and acknowledge there is much that is not true because of generalizations.

We have to admit stereotypes exist, that there is some truth in stereotypes, stop
excusing stereotypes and acknowledge
there is much that is not true because of generalizations, and to break the cycle of generalizations we must chose to do things differently to stop those generalizations.

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Racism in America–Part Five 3

stereotypes police donutsRacism in America-Part Five
Solution Two
Addressing Stereotypes

One of the reasons for racism is because of all the stereotypes that people have for various races/cultures. The stereotypes have been ingrained in people for years. Thus the issue of stereotypes must be addressed if we are going to look to solutions to stop racism.

Why are there stereotypes?

Stereotypes are Taught
Children growing up in certain communities are taught within their race/culture various stereotypes of other races/cultures. They may not be taught directly but they are still taught. A parent or friend does not have to literally teach the stereotypes but by the comments they make the child learns about the stereotypes. If a child keeps hearing certain phrases over and over again they will start to repeat them themselves and will start to believe them. Children growing up in a black ghetto are going to hear stereotypes about white people. Children growing up in the South are going to hear stereotypes about black people. Once the child has that stereotype in their mind there will always be the opportunity to see someone reflecting the stereotype. The problem is the child is not able to separate that one person from all the other people of that race.

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Racism in America–Part Four 5

acknowledgment racismRacism in America-Part Four
Solution One
Acknowledgement of Racism

In upcoming articles we will be talking about solutions to racism in America. It is going to take many solutions to solve such a large problem.

One of the first solutions to the racism problem in America is to acknowledge it exists. You cannot have a solution to a problem if you do not acknowledge there is a problem. Just because a person may not have experienced racism, not seen racism, and has not been racist does not eradicate the fact there is still racism in America. Thankfully there are individuals who are white or who are a minority that have grown up in areas of America where there has not been racism. However, I would argue that is not the case overall. It is the exception of the rule.

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Racism in America–Part Three 6

oh god whyRacism in America-Part Three
Why is There Still Racism in America?

As a nation founded on biblical principles and all mean created equal with inalienable rights it is sad that we even have to address the subject of racism in America.

There are multitudes of reasons for racism stay in America. The truth is that because of some of these reasons there will always be some forms of racism in America. Nothing any person or group of people do to stop racism will eliminate racism in America. However, if the issues addressed in this article are addressed, confronted, and dealt with we all can certainly reduce racism in America. It should be stated that there is noi justification for racism.

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Racism in America–Part Two 8

racism head in holeIs there still racism in America?

In this series we will mainly focus on racism towards blacks because this is the main issue currently in America.

Racism Towards Blacks
Yes there is still racism in America and in every country in the world. As long as there is human beings there is going to be racism regardless of education, awareness, prayer, or any other means to stop racism. Why? Because this world is made up of sinful human beings who have biases and prejudices and many refuse to see the errors of their ways. In America we have seen even those who claim to be Christians can be racist (that is a whole other topic). Continue reading “Racism in America–Part Two” »

Racism in America-Part One 7

racism in AmericaRacism in America
The Solution-Part One

This is a series on Racism in America and the Solution. It is specifically in regards to the racism of whites towards blacks and blacks towards whites. I am using the phrase blacks intentionally instead of African-American for a reason. Racism towards blacks is based upon their skin color, not their heritage. (As a side note there is much racism within the black culture. Many born and raised in Africa or the Caribbean do not want to be ‘lumped in’ with the blacks of America).

The first thing I should do is share my own personal heritage. I am a Caucasian (white) man. Thus I will never know personally what it means to be black. BUT, that does not mean I am ignorant about racism or the black culture. I have spoken to multitudes of black individuals over the years and have heard their stories. Also I recently have spoken to different black individuals specifically in regards to what is taking place in America currently. Plus as a white man I do know about racism towards whites by blacks. I have experienced some of this personally and do know my father’s experience. My father grew up in St. Louis, Missouri as a Jewish boy who did not have a father in a black neighborhood. He experienced black on white racism. He grew up racist.
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