Racism-The Solution

Racism in America-Part One 7

racism in AmericaRacism in America
The Solution-Part One

This is a series on Racism in America and the Solution. It is specifically in regards to the racism of whites towards blacks and blacks towards whites. I am using the phrase blacks intentionally instead of African-American for a reason. Racism towards blacks is based upon their skin color, not their heritage. (As a side note there is much racism within the black culture. Many born and raised in Africa or the Caribbean do not want to be ‘lumped in’ with the blacks of America).

The first thing I should do is share my own personal heritage. I am a Caucasian (white) man. Thus I will never know personally what it means to be black. BUT, that does not mean I am ignorant about racism or the black culture. I have spoken to multitudes of black individuals over the years and have heard their stories. Also I recently have spoken to different black individuals specifically in regards to what is taking place in America currently. Plus as a white man I do know about racism towards whites by blacks. I have experienced some of this personally and do know my father’s experience. My father grew up in St. Louis, Missouri as a Jewish boy who did not have a father in a black neighborhood. He experienced black on white racism. He grew up racist.
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Racism in America-Conclusion 13

racism in america

Racism in America-Conclusion

This a summary of our Racism in America Series. We have written 18 articles in this series with eight suggested solutions to Racism in America. We have done our best to help show ways how to prevent racism. However, the truth is that as long as there are fallen human beings on earth there will be racism. What matters is that we do our part to not be racist, prejudiced, or be a bigot.We may not be able to remove all racism in America but we can do our best to make sure there is no racism in our own heart. Ultimately that is all we are responsible for at the end of the day.

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Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ 4

gospel of jesus christ

Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ

If we want to see racism eradicated (will never be eradicated while people are on earth) it is going to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is going to take each of us admitting that we are fallen human beings, that we are sinners, and we need a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is going to take the Word of God transforming us. It is going to take God through His Holy Spirit exposing the racism and prejudices of our heart. It is going to take us repenting of the racism in our hearts. It is going to take the love of God overtaking us so that we can love people of other races. Continue reading “Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ” »

Racism-Solution Seven-Focus on Unity-Part Sixteen 3

unity focus

Racism in America
Solution-Part Seven
Focus on Unity

If there is any chance of there being a solution to racism in America it is going to take all those involved to make a commitment to not focus on the differences but on the similarities-focus on unity.  This in no way is to deny there is racism, to deny the struggles of those who have been victims of racism, to lessen the value of different cultures or to insinuate we all most act, think, and be the same. Unity does not mean to be the same, similar, ‘look the same as’. Continue reading “Racism-Solution Seven-Focus on Unity-Part Sixteen” »

Racism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege 3

white privilegeRacism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege

The phrase White Privilege has become very popular among some groups. It is offensive to other groups. Is there such a thing as White Privilege in America? Is it something of the past or is it in effect in the present? Is there such a thing as Minority Privilege? Does it depend upon where you live? Is ‘White Privilege’ based upon color of skin or based upon right choices? What if the answer yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes based upon the questions above. If there is White Privilege is there a way to fix it? Has some of the solutions to White Privilege been ineffective or not fair? Continue reading “Racism in America, Part Fifteen-White Privilege” »

Racism in America, Part Fourteen-All Lives Matter 4

all lives matterRacism in America, Part Fourteen-All Lives Matter

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement there has now started an All Lives Matter movement. Is Black Lives Matter saying Blacks matter more than any other race? Especially more than the White race? Or are they bringing attention to the racism toward Blacks while not lessening the fact that All Lives Matter? Are those who say All Lives Matter lessening the fact there is still racism in America? Is there a balance in all of this? Is this just a Black/White issue (no pun intended)?

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Racism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter 2

blue lives matterRacism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter

Because of all the protests against police in general, because of some in the Black Lives Matter movement who have spoken nothing but hate towards police, because some BLM leaders have actually encouraged violence against police, because of the rejoicing at times when police are killed in the line of duty, because there has been an overemphasis of some bad police officers compared to the multitudes who are just doing their job the best they can, the Blue Lives Matter movement has been started. It is not an organized movement in the same way as Black Lives Matter. It is not a political movement like Black Lives Matter. It is mainly just American citizens and police officers stating they support police officers. Continue reading “Racism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter” »

Racism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All 6

black lives matter allRacism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All

One of the big arguments that many people use against the Black Lives Matter movement is that many feel that the movement is not sincere. They argue that if Black lives really mattered then the movement would do more about Black on Black crime. Those in the movement would argue that they are concerned about Black on Black crime, but their main focus is on the injustices being perpetrated by Whites,  police, and the judicial system. We are going to look at both sides of the argument.

It would make since that BLM is for ALL Blacks. The challenge I will present will be “Is what BLM doing helping or harming Blacks overall”. Continue reading “Racism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All” »

Racism in America-Part Eleven, Black Lives Matter 7

black lives matterRacism-Part Eleven, Black Lives Matter

I am sure with the title of this article that there will be some immediately getting angry. Others will say ‘yep that is true’. But after reading this article I hope both sides find a balanced approach. Let me make it perfectly clear that I intentionally chose the title of the article so both sides would read the article, and that I do believe there is racism by some in the BLM movement. If this not acknowledged, is denied, or is not dealt with, the BLM movement will not be a solution to racism in America, it will be another excuse for people to be racist. Also, if Whites and others believe that all members/supporters of BLM are racist, there will continue to be a division between Blacks and Whites. Balance, balance, balance. BTW, any White person who hates the phrase Black Lives Matter just for the phrase alone, most likely is leaning towards racism.  Continue reading “Racism in America-Part Eleven, Black Lives Matter” »

Racism in America-Part Ten 13

ben-carsonRacism in America-Part Ten
Dr. Ben Carson on the issue of “Black Lives Matter”

If anybody is qualified to address the issue of racism it is Dr. Ben Carson. The following is an op-ed he did in USA Today.

The idea that disrupting and protesting Bernie Sanders speeches will change what is wrong in America is lunacy. The “BlackLivesMatter” movement is focused on the wrong targets, to the detriment of blacks who would like to see real change and to the benefit of its powerful white liberal funders using the attacks on Sanders for political purposes that mean nothing for the problems that face our community.

The notion that some lives might matter less than others is meant to raise anger, if not rage. That anger is distracting us from what matters most. We’re right to be angry, but we have to stay smart.

Of course, the protesters are right that racial policing issues exist and some rotten policemen took actions that killed innocent people. Those actions were inexcusable and they should be prosecuted to deter such acts in the future. Continue reading “Racism in America-Part Ten” »

Racism in America-Part Nine 7

riot police carRacism in America-Part Nine
Solution Six-Police and Racism, The Solution

Like all the other articles we have written on this topic we must first acknowledge that there is racism in America. There are police officers that are racist. Police officers are human beings and as long as their are human beings there will be some forms of racism. There are White officers that are racist toward minorities. There are Black officers that are racist against Whites. There are Black officers that show a prejudice against Blacks. These are all facts that cannot be denied. So are there any solutons? Yes. This article is not going to go in-depth in regards to the problem and the solutions, that would take a book. We will just address some aspects of this issue and some solutions. We are going to address this topic in the realm of the current events of racism by police in regards to Blacks, acknowledging racism has no color limitations. Continue reading “Racism in America-Part Nine” »