How to Reach Muslims

Muslims-Introduction 1

introduction islam muslimMuslims-Introduction
This series is on reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reality is that it is going to be almost impossible to reach committed Jihadist Muslims. Not impossible but almost impossible. Most likely it is going to take a converted Muslim to reach them unless God supernaturally does something. So this series is going to be directed towards reaching those who are ‘moderate Muslims’.

Our Goal
We want to make it clear that this series purpose is not to attack individuals. Its goal is to equip Christians with the ability to confront the false teachings of Islam, not individuals. As Christians we are to love all people regardless of their belief system. We are to show them respect. Our goal is to present truth in love, not to convert individuals-that is the job of the Holy Spirit. We are to be vessels of honor used by God to help individuals to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Muslims-Introduction” »

How to Reach Muslims-Part One 7

reaching muslims christHow To Reach Muslims-Part One
Find the Man of Peace

If you have a strong desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims, it must be God putting it on your heart. Instead of being controlled with fear of Islamic terrorists you are burdened for love those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If God has put the burden on your heart He will give you the grace to share the Gospel.

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How to Reach Muslims-Part Two 2

koran quaranHow to Reach Muslims-Part Two
Know Their Basic Doctrine-Articles of Belief

In order to reach a Muslim with the Gospel it is critical that you know their basic doctrine and how it conflicts with Christianity. We are going to share the various beliefs of Muslims and how to counteract the beliefs. Debating over their doctrines will not win them to Christ. Your goal is to show them the ‘holes’ in their beliefs- to put doubt in their mind so they will be more open to the Word of God and the Gospel. Continue reading “How to Reach Muslims-Part Two” »

How to Reach Muslims-Part Three 1

five pillars islamHow to Reach Muslims-Part Three
Know Their Basic Doctrine-5 Pillars of Islam

The ‘Five Pillars’ of Islam are the foundation of Muslim life:
•    Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophet hood of Muhammad;
•    Establishment of the daily prayers;
•    Concern for and almsgiving to the needy;
•    Self-purification through fasting; and
•    The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able.

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How to Reach Muslims-Part Four 1

islam woman rights lieHow to Reach Muslims-Part Four
Islam and Women

One of the ways to reach American Muslims is to address what the Koran, Hadith, and Sharia Law have to say about women rights. It will be very hard to reach a non-American Muslim because they have grown up in a culture with little respect for women. They will not be troubled by the Islamic viewpoint on women. However, American Muslims or so called moderate Muslims will have a hard time defending the Islamic viewpoint of women rights. The following is some of the arguments that Muslims will give if confronted with the facts shared in this article about women rights under Islam:

  • We live in America and under American laws so the customs do not apply here in America
  • Not all Muslims agree on the interpretations of the passages dealing with how women should be treated
  • These interpretations are coming from extreme Muslims that do not represent most Muslims
  • Women were treated much worse before Mohammed and Islam came into being Continue reading “How to Reach Muslims-Part Four” »

How to Reach Muslims-Part Five 1

jesus crucifixionHow to Reach Muslims-Part Five

Muslims and the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Muslims do not believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is the foundation of Christianity. Instead they believe Jesus (Isa) never died but was instead raised bodily to heaven by God. They do believe like Christians he will return before the end of time.

One of the ways to reach out to Muslims is to show their arguments against the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are not logical and have no validity. You may not convince them to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but you can create doubt in their mind and thus create an environment where they will be more open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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How to Reach Muslims-Part Six 1

return-of-christHow to Reach Muslims-Part Six

Jesus Returns to Earth

According to what the Bible describes about Jesus Return to Earth as the Messiah and what the Muslims believe is totally different. There is no similarity whatsoever. There is nothing in Scrioture whatsoever that matches up to what Muslims believe about Jesus Return on earth.

According to the sacred texts of Islam, Jesus is not seen as a savior. When Jesus returns, it will not be as the Messiah of the Jewish people and the Gentiles.  Nor will Jesus’ purpose be to save and deliver his faithful followers from the ongoing persecution of the Antichrist.  Instead Jesus will come back as a radical Muslim. Jesus is called Isa (or Eesa) al-Maseeh (the Messiah).  Other common titles for Jesus are Hadrat Isa (Honorable Jesus), Isa bin Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) or Nabi Isa (Prophet Jesus).
Jesus is not seen as the redeemer. The redeemer in the eyes of Islam is one who is called the Mahdi. Jesus role is to assist the Mahdi. Jesus is inferior to the Mahdi, thus he will totally submit to the Mahdi. Jesus will make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

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How to Reach Muslims-Part Seven 2

muhammad versus jesusHow to Reach Muslims-Part Seven
Comparing Muhammad and Jesus

The following is a list of comparisons between Muhammad and Jesus. It is based upon their sayings and their actions. It will be obvious that there is a huge difference between the two men. In regards to trying to reach a Muslim, try to get a conversation going in regards to Muhammad. They will most likely speak highly of Muhammad and share some of the good things he had to say. In the midst of that conversation you can then ask them if you can bring up some things about Jesus. Most Muslims (Moderate Muslims) will see Jesus as a lesser profit than Muhammad but a good man They will not normally be negative about Jesus. Try to get them to say that Jesus was a good man, a good teacher, etc. That should not be hard for them to do, because most will say this when talking with a Christian. At this point start making a comparison between Muhammad and Jesus. At some point they will stop you because it will become obvious that Muhammad is not the great man they have been taught that he was. Ask them if they can tell you of anything that Jesus said or did that was anything comparable to Muhammad. Continue reading “How to Reach Muslims-Part Seven” »

How to Reach Muslims-Part Eight 2

islam versus christianityHow to Reach Muslims-Part Eight
Basic Differences Between Islam and Christianity and the Koran and the Bible
The following is a short summary showing the differences between Islam and Christianity and the basic difference in the teachings of the Koran and the Bible. Please realize this is a short summary and not an in-depth study of the religions and their authoritative writings.

As you share with the Muslim individual ask them if they can acknowledge there is a difference between the two religions. Ask them which religion sounds like a religion that has a loving God. Ask them which one sounds more like a religion they would like to follow? Ask them what would stop them from wanting to know more about Christianity and Jesus? Continue reading “How to Reach Muslims-Part Eight” »