Hypocrisy Among Christian Right Regarding Marriage Series

hypocrisyThis series is about the hypocrisy among the Christian Right in regards to marriage. Let me explain what I mean by this statement. Conservative Christians are very upset about the fact that Homosexual Marriage is considered legal in all 50 States because of the US Supreme Court decision. Yet at the same time there is very little discussion about blatant, ongoing fornication among Christian heterosexuals. There is almost total silence in regards to unbiblical divorce and unbiblical remarriage. In fact e would say among most Christians it is politically incorrect to even bring up these subjects, but they must be discussed.

So we will address these topics in this series.

We have other related series on the topic of homosexual marriage, what Christians should and should not do in regards to homosexual marriage in America, and what Christians should overall about what is happening in America.

Its God’s Fault-Is it God’s fault we have homosexual marriage in America.
Warning To Christians-A warning to Christians in how they should respond to the US Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage.
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Trump and How You Treat Others

how mattersTrump and How You Treat Others

I have a very good friend that it would be safe to say leans toward Christian Conservative Right, Fiscally Conservative and Socially Conservative. (He, like me, does not like labels, but I use these labels to help clarify the following.) He is very unhappy with the Progressive Movement. He has a disdain for Hillary Clinton. He thus leans towards more of the GOP perspective on the issues and Trump’s bold addressing of the issues. However, like me, he strongly believes character matters. His perspective is character is very important when looking at leaders. The following is a post that he shared on Facebook. I am in total agreement with him to the point of saying he read my mind and then posted it. Continue reading “Trump and How You Treat Others” »

Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Introduction

hypocrisy meterHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Introduction

It seems no one else is doing it so I guess I will tackle the issue. But before I do, you can send all hate mail to the authors of the Bible. The main author being Jesus Christ.

There is a blatant hypocrisy among many in the Christian Right. It is a hypocrisy that has been taking place for multitudes of years but has not been seen by most, or it has been ignored. However, in recent years with all the discussion about homosexual marriage the hypocrisy has become sickening. Christians talking all about how sinful homosexual marriage is but no talk whatsoever, and certainly no public repentance whatsoever, about Christians having unbiblical heterosexual marriages, unbiblical heterosexual divorces, active fornication, adultery-a total disregard to what the Scriptures teach on these topics. Continue reading “Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Introduction” »

Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part One 2

homosexual marriageHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Part One

The Issue
Many of the Christian Right are very vocal in regards to being against homosexual marriage. Some of them are vocal enough to support protesters with signs against homosexuality. Some are extremely angry over the SCOTUS decision on homosexual marriage and make it known. I would go as far as to say some are determined to make this the issue of the day.There is a bunch of ‘yelling, screaming, shouting’ about homosexual marriage. Continue reading “Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part One” »

Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Two 1

christians divorceHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Part Two

Unbiblical Divorce

Before I talk about divorce I need to make clear that I have been divorced, more than once. So I have had to deal with my own log in my eye. I have had to deal with mine and others consequences. I have no room to judge others, unless I am willing to be judged also. At a later time I will share my story and talk about biblical divorces.

Before I talk about unbiblcial divorce I should talk about what situations God says can be a reason for a person to be divorced. We will look at what Jesus says and then look at what Apostle Paul said.
Continue reading “Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Two” »

Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Three 1

restoration-marriage-smHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Part Three

Unbiblical Heterosexual Remarriage

In our previous post we addressed unbiblical divorce. In this post we will be addressing unbiblical heterosexual remarriage. When Christians condone unbiblical divorces and embrace unbiblical heterosexual marriages they are showing a disrespect to marriage, a God ordained institution. They are taking marriage lightly. Continue reading “Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Three” »

Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Four 1

fornication among christiansHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Part Four
Fornication Among Christians

Many among the Christian Right are outspoken in regards to homosexuality but you hear little from them in regards to fornication among Christians. Do they honestly believe that God hates homosexuality but He is at peace with fornication? Or do they believe that homosexuality is worse than fornication? Both of them lead to hell if not repented of before death. It is immaterial to God if a person is living a lifestyle of homosexuality or fornication. He brings just upon both. Continue reading “Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Four” »

Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Five 1

restorationHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Part Five

Why is this Topic Important?

Some may ask why is it so important to get marriage right, get divorce right, get remarriage right, get sexuality right. Why is it such a big deal? The number one reason it is a big deal is because it is a big deal to God and that is all that really matters. We do not really need to know why it is a big deal to Him. But, like He always does, He lets us know why it is a big deal to him. Continue reading “Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Five” »

Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Six 1

repentance forgivenessHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Part Six


It should be very clear by now that the Bible makes it clear that most divorces taking place among Christians are not biblical divorces and that most Christian remarriages are not biblical. Yet many of the Christian Right persuasion are ‘shouting and yelling’ about how unbiblical homosexual marriage is in the eyes of God. This is hypocrisy.

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Hypocrisy Among Christian Right-Part Seven 1

restorationHypocrisy Among Christian Right
Regarding Marriage-Part Seven


We have written several articles in regards to unbiblical divorce and unbiblical remarriage. The reason we wrote these articles is because many in the religious right camp spend much time complaining about homosexual marriage but are silent about the blatant sins of fornication, unbiblical divorce, and unbiblical remarriage. We have said this is hypocrisy. We have said it is not the role of the Church to judge the world. Instead it is the role of the Church to address the sin within the Body of Christ. We have also said that the Church has done a terrible job of honoring heterosexual marriage and reflecting the symbolism of the relationship between the Bride and the Bridegroom. Until there is repentance within the Body of Christ in regards to these issues, it has no right to confront the issue of homosexual marriage. I would go as far as saying God has allowed homosexual marriage to become legal in America as His judgment upon the Church and this nation. Romans 1 talks about this.

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