What’s Next?

whats next

What’s Next?

Needless to say, as soon as people hear I am resigning as the pastor of Seattle Open Door Church and moving to Arkansas they ask me “So what are you going to do next?” Invariably the next question is “Are you going to pastor a church in Arkansas?” So I have a question. Why is it that if somebody is a pastor and moves someplace else that the assumption is they will be a pastor again? I would say because it makes sense they will be in the same profession once they move. But for me I have never been in the profession of being a pastor. I have been in the profession of doing the work of the ministry. Continue reading “What’s Next?” »

Why Moving to Arkansas?

Why Moving to Arkansas?

The question Carmi and I get all the time is “Why are you moving to Arkansas?” The short answer is we believe it is God’s will. The long answer is a long answer. Originally it was the goal of Carmi and I to ‘retire’ in the Philippines. That was our goal for several years. But it became clear last year that was not the best option. So we started looking at where was the most affordable places to live, own property, and be in a rural setting.  We narrowed it down to Arkansas and Tennessee. Continue reading “Why Moving to Arkansas?” »

Integrity-Your Greatest Defense 1


Integrity-Your Greatest Defense

No matter who we are, there will be people who will dislike us, or have a disdain for us, or even be at the point of hating us. This cannot be avoided whomever you are. This will be true as long as there humans on earth. Those who dislike or hate us will try to find things wrong with us. Some may go as far as to make false accusations against us to harm us. To discredit us.

How do we defend ourselves if we are falsely accused? There is a good chance that no matter what we say it will not be believed by some because of the massive lies about us. What is the greatest defense we can have if falsely accused?

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Four Types of Christian Leaders Regarding Politics

christians politicsFour Types of Christian Leaders
American Politics

In regards to American politics there appears to be mainly four different perspectives by Christian ministers/leaders:
(Yes, we do understand that these are generalities and there are exceptions.)

  • Don’t get involved at all-God is not concerned about America and politics
  • Extreme Conservative Right-Become actively involved to the point of speaking from the pulpit about politics, candidates, etc
  • Extreme Liberalism in Theology and Politics-Become actively involved to the point of speaking from the pulpit about politics, candidates, etc
  • A Balanced Approach-God is concerned about what takes place in America in regards to the political arena, Christians should be involved in the political process, but the ultimate answer is always the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Rattlesnake Dream 1

Rattlesnake Dream
Poison to Silence the Preaching

Many times when I get into a deep sleep I have very, very intense dreams. Most of the time I do not pay attention to them because they seem to have no significance, but I am learning to pay attention to them based upon two recent dreams I had. One of them was a very intense dream with a rattlesnake. I want go into all the details even though they all had meaning but get to the jest of the dream. Continue reading “Rattlesnake Dream” »

Dream-Keep Silent, Kicked in Groan 4

man screamingKeep Silent Dream
Kicked in the Groan

Last night I had another very intense dream. It was very clear that this dream was about an entity wanting me to be silent. At times when I have dreams I ask myself what triggered the dream. That helps me determine if the dream is significant. If I watch a TV show or hear something on the radio and then I have a dream similar to what I heard I normally don’t pay any attention to the dream. But this dream was very different for me. Continue reading “Dream-Keep Silent, Kicked in Groan” »

Good Pride, Foolish Pride, Evil Pride

prideGood Pride, Foolish Pride, Evil Pride

I wrote this originally on November 27, 2013. I would say it is totally right on to what has taken place with Obama and it appears that Donald Trump will be the ‘conservative’ version of Obama.

Let’s take a note at the concept of pride. As a general concept we believe there are three types of pride:Good (Healthy) Pride-This type of pride that is based on feeling good and doing good for good motives. Foolish Pride-This type of pride may come from insecurities, wounds, and may not even be known by the person.Evil pride-This type of pride has wrong motives and is the intentional ‘puffing up of oneself’. Continue reading “Good Pride, Foolish Pride, Evil Pride” »

Star Wars and the Return of Christ

star warsStar Wars and the Return of Christ

Currently there is excitement in America, even across the world. Why? Because another Star Wars movie has come out. People are not only excited but they are hyped to the max. Waiting in lines in the rain. Many covered with makeup and every kind of Star Wars costume you can think of. They are preparing themselves for a great experience at the theater with other Star Wars fans.

It is okay to have fun and have a good ole time. Nothing wrong with that. BUT “I have a bad feeling about this.” Continue reading “Star Wars and the Return of Christ” »

Russell Wilson-Appearance of Evil 3

russell wilson ciara abstinenceRussel Wilson has not been ashamed to let the world know he is a Christian. He has been very public about this. For many Christians who are Seahawk fans, Russell Wilson can do no wrong. For some he is untouchable. BUT, if he is going to be blatantly public about his faith he is touchable. The world is going to watch everything he does. He is going to be compared to what the Bible teaches. Especially since he came out public about his relationship with singer Ciara and claiming that they are living a lifestyle of abstinence.

Why this article?
I am sure many are asking why this article? Why are you picking on the untouchable Russel Wilson? This article is not ultimately about Russel Wilson. It is about Christians men who are suppose to be godly role models. It is about being a shining star in the darkness. It is about holding leaders accountable. It is about being a godly role model. It is about ‘where is godly counsel’? It is about the Body of Christ saying, Enough!!!!! Russell Wilson has an audience larger than anyone reading this blog. He has the ability to positively influence thousands or to be a poor example of a godly man. He does not get to choose to say, ‘well this is one area where I don’t serve God well’. Continue reading “Russell Wilson-Appearance of Evil” »

Homosexual Marriage in America-Is it God’s Fault?

This series is going to be very challenging for many Christians. We are going to struggle with the question, “Is it God’s Fault that we have Homosexual Marriage in America?” Our answer is going to be yes and no. No, we believe it is the fault of the Body of Christ in America. Yes, because God must judge the Church and America if He is a holy God. Yes I believe homosexual marriage is a curse from God upon America. A curse in the sense that God has allowed homosexual marriage to become legal in America.

You will want to red this series. It will challenge you.

I have another series that addresses the topic of Homosexual Marriage and the Christian response-“Warnings to Christians”.

I also have a series on  Hypocrisy among the Christians regarding fornication, divorce, remarriage.

I have a series on What Should American Christians Do about all the evil things that are taking place in America and the world.