Integrity-Your Greatest Defense 1


Integrity-Your Greatest Defense

No matter who we are, there will be people who will dislike us, or have a disdain for us, or even be at the point of hating us. This cannot be avoided whomever you are. This will be true as long as there humans on earth. Those who dislike or hate us will try to find things wrong with us. Some may go as far as to make false accusations against us to harm us. To discredit us.

How do we defend ourselves if we are falsely accused? There is a good chance that no matter what we say it will not be believed by some because of the massive lies about us. What is the greatest defense we can have if falsely accused?

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The Man and Obeying Authorities Executive Order 1

obey authorities

The Man and Obeying Authorities Executive Order

God not only commands us to obey Him, but He commands us to obey the authorities that have been placed in our life. Unless the authority figure commands us to do something that violates Scripture, we should obey rather we agree with them or not. In America we do have some rights to disagree with authorities and to protest. However, based upon principles found in Scripture we should do so with honor and respect. We certainly do not destroy property, harm individuals, or impede on the rights of others to have free speech. Continue reading “The Man and Obeying Authorities Executive Order” »

Inauguration and Martial law 1

martial law

Inauguration and Martial law

There are over 300,000 people who plan to show up at Trump’s inauguration to protest. Protesters will attempt to close down 12 security checkpoints at the U.S. Capitol, where Trump will take the oath of office on Jan. 20, according to leaders of a group called DisruptJ20. Security will include more than 3,200 police officers from departments across the country, 8,000 members of the National Guard and an additional 5,000 active-duty military members. Continue reading “Inauguration and Martial law” »

Inauguration-Protest or Pray? 1

Inauguration-Protest or Pray?

It is very clear that there are many individuals unhappy with Donald Trump becoming President. This includes Progressives, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents. However, a majority of those who are unhappy with Donald Trump as President, understand that he was legitimately voted in as President and accept that he will be our next President. Continue reading “Inauguration-Protest or Pray?” »

Wisdom-Keep Your Distance

keep distance

Wisdom-Keep Your Distance

There is wisdom in this statement: ‘Keep your distance from people who will never admit they are wrong and always try to make you feel like it’s all your fault.’ Read closely what it says and what it does not say.

Keep Your Distance-It does not say to not interact whatsoever, it says make sure there is some distance. IN this world we must interact with all kinds of people.

From People Who Will never Admit They Are Wrong-It does not say people who are wrong. There will always be people (you and I) that are wrong. This is talking about people with pride. Also notice it says who will NEVER admit they are wrong. We all struggle at times to admit we are wrong. Sadly there are some people who seem incapable of admitting they are wrong, or when they do, it is very insincere. These individuals are not only prideful but rebellious. The Bible has some strong words for being prideful and rebellious. Continue reading “Wisdom-Keep Your Distance” »

Weeping for Fidel Castro? 1

fidel castro

Weeping for Fidel Castro?

It appears the world is weeping for Fidel Castro. You know that humanitarian man who made healthcare and education free for all Cubans. You know that great man who delivered Cubans from a vicious dictator, Fulgencio Batista. Fidel Castro is the great man who united Cubans together. I mean he must be a great man with all the praise he is getting around the world. President Obama and former President Carter give him praise. Putin and Gorbachev praise him. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto praised him. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called him a great friend. Iran’s Supreme Leader and Muslim Cleric Ali Khamenei praised him.

It should be noted who is not praising him. The multitudes who were victims of his regime. The thousands who escaped Cuba from his regime. There are multitudes of Cuban Christians who are not praising him. They suffered greatly under his Communist/Marxist/Leninist rule. Continue reading “Weeping for Fidel Castro?” »

American People, Not the Candidates is the Problem

people problemAmerican People, Not the Candidates is the Problem

It’s time to GET REAL!  The problem for Election 2016 is not the candidates, it is the American people.

Almost everybody in America is complaining about Election 2016. Most Americans are unhappy that the two choices for President are either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Many say they are voting for the Party not the candidate. Many are saying they are voting for the candidate but doing it with a very sour taste in their mouth. As bad as this is, there are actually some Americans that are extremely proud of their candidate and seem to have blinders on in regards to how defective and horrible their candidate is in regards to being a President of the United States. (That group is just about impossible to reach with any kind of logic.) America is in a mess and the problem is the American people. (Now there is a remnant that refuse to condone or support evil.) Continue reading “American People, Not the Candidates is the Problem” »

Is God Sovereign in Election 2016 2

god sovereignIs God Sovereign in Election 2016?

Do you believe God is sovereign? If you are a non-Christian you will most likely not read his article. If you are a Christian you may start to read it until you don’t like what it says. If you are a Hillary Clinton supporter you may believe that God is sovereign (If you even believe in a holy, just, righteous God) as long as Hillary whens. If you are a Donald Trump supporter you may believe God is sovereign if Donald Trump wins. Guess what? It does not matter what you believe. It matters what is true. Do you want what is true?

In this election cycle everyone is trying to defend their support of a candidate by whatever means they can. Of course, Christians are throwing out all kinds of verses to defend their candidate to prove their candidate is the one to vote for. This is all understandable. But we go back to the original question. Is God Sovereign in Election 2016? Continue reading “Is God Sovereign in Election 2016” »

2016 Elections-Fear and Hate 4

election fear hate2016 Elections-Fear and Hate
Part One: Introduction

Let’s Get Real. Maybe the two best words to characterize the 2016 Election Cycle is FEAR and HATE. Now too an extent probably almost every election cycle since our nation was founded has some fear and hate taking place. But I can say since I started voting in 1972 I have never seen such fear and hate being manifested by both the Democrats and Republicans, and sadly it is easy to see how people who support either political party and candidates can have fear and hate. More sad is to see fear and hate manifested by Christians. (I know may will say they do not hate. We will address that later on in this article.) Continue reading “2016 Elections-Fear and Hate” »