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How Old is the Universe?

how old universe

How Old is the Universe?

For years scientists decided the universe was 13.8 billion years old. But now it appears the universe is 12.5 billion years old. “If all the numbers are correct, then the problem must run deeper. It must lie in our interpretation of those numbers — that is, in our fundamental models of how the universe works. “The discrepancy suggests that there’s something in the cosmological model that we’re not understanding right,” Riess says. What that something could be, nobody knows.”  (Link to article at end of this blog post.) Continue reading “How Old is the Universe?” »

Body of Christ-Spiritual Warriors

body christ spiritual warriorss

Body of Christ-Spiritual Warriors

The Body of Christ is made up of Christians from a variety of denominations, churches, cultures, doctrinal beliefs. Needless to say, the Body of Christ is a very diverse group. Being diverse, there can be division among the Body of Christ. However, when the Body of Christ unites together in prayer, there can be great unity. Powerful unity. With unity there can be powerful prayer. With powerful unity and powerful prayer there can be spiritual warfare.

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What is Your Jerusalem?

our jerusalemWhat is Your Jerusalem?

Acts 1:4-5,8
4  Once when he was eating with them, he commanded them, “Do not leave Jerusalem until the Father sends you the gift he promised, as I told you before.
5  John baptized with water, but in just a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.
8  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

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Merge with God 2

merge with god

Merge with God

I made a big mistake and when I make mistakes I always look for lessons out of them. Invariably the Holy Spirit speaks to me. It is a practice we all should have in our life.

I have been interviewing people over the phone the last couple of days. I have software on my phone so I can record the calls. After each call I make I get a notice that the call has been recorded. Since I saw the notice, I never checked to see if the calls were being recorded. It turns out there was only dead space being recorded. Not good needless to say. Continue reading “Merge with God” »

Complacency Kills 2

complacency killsComplacency Kills

Those who are complacent (self-satisfied, self-regarding, satisfied, pleased) about their spiritual life, those who are content with a mediocre relationship with God are those who will most likely become prey to the tactics of Satan. A stagnant soul is a soul that lacks the move of God’s Spirit.

Sadly many Christians are living a complacent Christian life and have no desire to grow in Christ, to be vessels used by God. They have no desire to Make a Difference in this world. Truth is there are individuals who have no relationship with Christ that are doing more than most Christians. This breaks the heart of God. Continue reading “Complacency Kills” »

Forgiveness-Part Five, Forgiveness Test

Forgiveness-Part Five
Forgiveness Test

Forgiveness Test
1. Does remembering a particular hurtful event trigger a strong emotional reaction?
If thinking about a hurtful situation causes strong negative emotions or even physical shuddering, that suggests forgiveness is not complete. The hurt is still alive.

2. Does the stress of remembering hurtful events trigger physical reactions or discomfort?
If remembering hurtful situations results in physical symptoms, then unforgiven issues most likely remain lodged in the heart and spirit.

3. Does the painful experience bring to mind anything for which God can be praised?
We often deliver misdirected blame towards God when we think what happened to us was unfair. We need to be honest by confessing to God our anger against Him. Of course God is not guilty of anything, and He is not in need of forgiveness. Our anger and unforgiveness are our own. When unforgiveness is lodged in the heart, it is difficult to see any way God may be using the situation to bring blessing or to write wisdom to us. Afterwards, when we have achieved forgiveness, we can verbalize lessons learned and thank God for bringing us through painful experiences with a positive outcome.

4. Can the offending party be thought of with a sincere wish that good things will happen in his or her life?
Forgiveness holds no grudges and wishes no penalties of retribution. It wipes clean the slate on which we formerly kept score and allows us to wish only the best for the other person.

5. Do you have a complete sense that forgiveness really has been accomplished?
Are you being honest with yourself how you really feel? Is forgiveness coming from your heart, or do you find yourself saying something like. "I did it Lord. You told me I had to do it. I made that choice, and I am a loving and forgiving person." You need to check your feelings and symptoms.

6. Is forgiveness producing positive results?
When a lifestyle of forgiveness is effectively achieved, it will produce wonderful fruits in the ways we feel about ourselves and in the quality of relationships we are able to have with others.

The importance of forgiving ourselves.
We characteristically have the most difficulty with others when our relationship with them triggers issues for which we have not forgiven ourselves. Usually, weakness we see and criticize in others (and find most difficult to accept or forgive) are those things about which we have not forgiven ourselves, or in which we most fear being deficient. Look at what angers you in others. Look at the kind of person you just can’t abide, and you will likely see something in yourself that you have been unable to forgive.
Letting go of our denial and facing the truth about ourselves is a fearful step.

Forgiveness overcoming blame.
Most marital problems are rooted in unforgiveness of parents. We transfer onto our marriage partner the job of fulfilling needs that were unfulfilled by our parents. We misdirect our angers and accusations that truly belong against our parents towards our spouses.

In our next nugget we will speak on the process of forgiveness.

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March 11 2010 Daily Devotional-Bible in a Year

Numbers 15:17-16:40
Numbers 15:17-21
Principle of giving God the first fruits

Numbers 15:30
Those who brazenly violate God’s law were set apart from the community-they were cut off. Why? So that their sinful rebellion would not ‘infect’ the nation. At times a church may have to excommunicate someone whose rebellions is infecting the church.

Numbers 15:32-36
A person working on the Sabbath was stoned to death. This was the same punishment as one would receive for disobeying their parents. Why is it as Christians we take the Sabbath so lightly? Did God do away with one of His commandments? Did God change the Sabbath? He is the same today, yesterday, and forever.

Numbers 15:37-41
The tassels were to remind the people of the Ten Commandments. The fourth commandment is the only commandment that God says to remember. However, it is obvious that He wanted all the commandments to be remembered. So why did He emphasize to remember the fourth commandment? Because He knew it would be easy for man to forget it.

Numbers 16:1-40
You will want to read this passage, a movie could be made off of it. God will not put with rebellion and He will defend His faithful servants. Be aware, ‘do not touch God’s anointed’. Notice in this passage how Moses intercedes for the innocent and prays for God’s judgment on the wicked.

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