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Falsely Accused-Jesus our Example 2


Falsely Accused-Jesus our Example

Have you ever been falsely accused? Almost all of us have been falsely accused by someone at some point in time. The question is how do we handle false accusations? What did Jesus do when falsely accused? What does the Bible teach?

Why was Jesus falsely accused? Mainly because He claimed to be equal with God. But also because of His good deeds. There are times when we are doing what is right people will attack us. What should we do? Continue reading “Falsely Accused-Jesus our Example” »

Falsely Accused for Doing Right 1

falsely accused for doing right

Falsely Accused for Doing Right

Have you ever been falsely accused for doing the right thing? Has anyone every taken advantage of your kindness? Has someone been angry with you because you have spoken the truth in love? Have you felt like you were being persecuted for not being conformed to this world?

It should be clear that Jesus completely understands what you are going through. He knows a little bit about false accusations. Actually the whole time He was on earth as man He was repeatedly being falsely accused.

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Download from God 2

downoad from god-hearing his voice

Download from God
Hearing His Voice

One of the greatest experiences there is in life is to receive a Download from God. What do I mean by a Download from God? I am talking about hearing the voice of God. Not an audible voice but Him speaking into your heart and mind. It is amazing! A Holy God speaking to a sinful, broken human being. What if I was to tell you that as a follower of Christ this should not be shocking. This should be seen as a normal event. A common event. You say, a common event? Absolutely!!!

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New Media Hypocrisy? 3

cnn hypocrisy

New Media Hypocrisy?

This article is based upon the news coverage of the Christ Church, New Zealand mosque shootings. I should first say this was a tragic, horrific, unjustified incident. Thus anything I say is not to lessen these tragedies. it is good that CNN and all the news outlets covered this tragedy. However, the overall news coverage of these incidents appears to be very hypocritical, biased, and political in nature. Let me explain.

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How Does God Do Miracles?

miracles sovereign

How Does God Do Miracles?

I have been thinking about Autumn, a church member who is dealing with much pain because of a 5mm kidney stone. Many of us have been praying for her to experience a miracle-the kidney stone to dissolve, so she does not have surgery and have the pain of trying to pass a large kidney stone. What I was thinking is ‘how is God going to take care of the kidney stone?’ He is sovereign so He can do it any way He wants, but that is not what I was thinking. I was thinking literally HOW?

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The Bait of Satan

bait of satan offense offended

The Bait of Satan

The Bible says we should not intentionally do things that will offend others and cause them to stumble. But the Bible also says we all will have opportunity to be offended. That means there will always be something, someone, that can offend us. (Chapter 18:1-10)

The Bible also says that there will be people that get offended even by Jesus who was perfect. (Matthew 13:57, Mark 6:3, John 6:61) It is clear that many people are offended by the truth. Notice that Jesus did not stop speaking the truth just because someone is offended. It should also be clear that some people seem to live a life of easily being offended. Continue reading “The Bait of Satan” »

Book of Remembrance 1

book of remembrance malachi

Book of Remembrance

On Memorial Day we remember, honor, the men and women who gave their lives for America in times of military service. Each of them by their sacrificial living, left a legacy. The question that each of us as Christians, should ask ourselves, is “When I die what will be my legacy? What will I be remembered for?” Our acts and deeds may not remembered by others, but the book of Malachi states there is a Book of Remembrance that has the names of those who feared the Lord and esteemed His name. (Malachi 3:16).

There are Christians who are worried about what others think of them, how they are perceived. More important than how others perceive us is how God perceives us.  Luke 8:17 states,’For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.’ Are we known by God for our good deeds, dying to self, giving His name honor by the way we live? Continue reading “Book of Remembrance” »

The Man and Obeying Authorities Executive Order 1

obey authorities

The Man and Obeying Authorities Executive Order

God not only commands us to obey Him, but He commands us to obey the authorities that have been placed in our life. Unless the authority figure commands us to do something that violates Scripture, we should obey rather we agree with them or not. In America we do have some rights to disagree with authorities and to protest. However, based upon principles found in Scripture we should do so with honor and respect. We certainly do not destroy property, harm individuals, or impede on the rights of others to have free speech. Continue reading “The Man and Obeying Authorities Executive Order” »

Inauguration and Martial law 1

martial law

Inauguration and Martial law

There are over 300,000 people who plan to show up at Trump’s inauguration to protest. Protesters will attempt to close down 12 security checkpoints at the U.S. Capitol, where Trump will take the oath of office on Jan. 20, according to leaders of a group called DisruptJ20. Security will include more than 3,200 police officers from departments across the country, 8,000 members of the National Guard and an additional 5,000 active-duty military members. Continue reading “Inauguration and Martial law” »

Inauguration-Protest or Pray? 1

Inauguration-Protest or Pray?

It is very clear that there are many individuals unhappy with Donald Trump becoming President. This includes Progressives, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents. However, a majority of those who are unhappy with Donald Trump as President, understand that he was legitimately voted in as President and accept that he will be our next President. Continue reading “Inauguration-Protest or Pray?” »