Balance is the Key to Life 1

balance key to life

Balance is the Key to Life

Now I don’t fully buy into that concept, since I believe following Christ is the ultimate key to life, but balance certainly important regarding living life on this earth. Sadly, it appears that many times elephants have a better ability to be balanced, that human beings. Most people are out of balance. Few make it an effort to live a balanced life. The reality even those who desire to live a balanced life, get out of balance. This is why we must make a conscious effort to make being balanced one of the keys to living life on earth.

Here is what out of balance looks like:
‘All Muslims are taught to lie’, or ‘Most Muslims are taught to lie to promote Islam’. ‘Most police are racist’. ‘Christians are bigots’. ‘Most Blacks are lazy’. ‘Most Whites are prejudice and racists’. ‘You can’t trust….’. ‘All liberals are self-centered’. The list goes on and on. That is why America is so divided. People refuse to make the effort to be balanced. They refuse to look at their lives and acknowledge, they are out of balance.

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Balance, Balance, Balance-Part 5

It has been awhile since my last article on balance among Christians. I was considering writing an article giving more examples of extreme, out of balance doctrines and teachings to show how dangerous they can be. Instead this article is going to be on how the error of extremes can make Christians look like fools, deny God’s desire to be personally involved in the affairs of man, even justify sinful behavior.

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Balance, Balance, Balance-Part 4 1

Seeking Truth or Being Right?

Which is more important to you? To find the truths in Scripture or to be right? In theory if you are finding truths in Scripture you will be right. The danger is that some people are so determined that they are right, that they are not willing to be open to the fact they may be wrong. I am sure you know what I am talking about. They have formed an opinion and nothing is going to persuade them that they could possibly be wrong. Many times these type of people are walking in the extremes of Christianity. For them anything outside of the extreme is compromise.

It is good to not be compromising in our convictions. But we must also be willing to accept we may be wrong in some of our convictions. Some people have such a fear of being compromising that they absolutely refuse to consider that maybe some of their convictions are not based upon the truth of the Word of God but based upon outside influence, wrong thinking, improper Bible study techniques, a wounded heart, etc. So they are more determined to believe they are right about their convictions than seeking truth. To them, seeking truth would be compromise.

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Balance, Balance, Balance-Part 3 1

Dangers of the Extremes

In this post we are going to show the danger of Extremes in Christianity and try to show the balance.

One extreme side sees abortion as murder and goes as far as saying it is OK to bomb abortion clinics.

The other extreme is that even though abortion is the ending of a pregnancy, we as Christians should not take a stand against abortion. We should support choice, especially if the conception was because of rape.

The balance:
Abortion is more than the ending of a pregnancy, it is the killing of an unborn human being. And as Christians we have an obligation to take a godly stand against abortion. Thus, the bombing of abortion clinics is sin and not justifiable.

The danger:
Obviously believing it is OK to bomb abortion clinics.
To call abortion the ending of a pregnancy when it is the killing of a human being. There is no justification to kill an innocent child regardless of how it was conceived.
In both cases, one wrong does not justify another wrong.

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Balance, Balance, Balance-Part 2 2

Why are there the extremes?

Before we begin this topic, I want to mention again, that there are times for the extreme. There is no middle ground in calling sin, sin. There is no middle ground regarding how to be born again. What we are discussing is the extremes in the ‘non-essentials’. I am also not saying that either extreme regarding a non-essential is ok. One extreme may actually be false, or both extremes may be false. And I am not saying the middle is always correct.

An example of an extreme in the non-essential would be in the area of Christians and prosperity. There are those who are part of the Name it, Claim it group. The opposite camp would be the God is sovereign camp and no matter what we do, we cannot change God’s will or get Him to move on our behalf. Both sides will defend their position by the use of Scripture.

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Balance, Balance, Balance-Part 1 3

Balance, Balance, Balance

More than ever there needs to be balance in the Body of Christ. Over and over again I have seen Christians leaning toward extremes. Now some extremes are good, in fact a sincere sold out follower of Jesus should be extreme in some areas. But what I am speaking about is when Christians take the Word of God and form a doctrine to try to counter an extreme doctrine. The problem is that some then create their own extreme doctrine. The pendulum swings from one side to another side. Instead of looking for a Biblical principle, many times Christians are only looking for a means to counter an out of balance doctrine.

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