I have written several articles on the topic of abortion. I have tried to address the various talking points regarding abortion. You will find the articles are not written based upon emotions and feelings but based upon reason, logic, and facts. None of the articles have been written, to shame or condemn any woman who has had an abortion or any man or other individual who has coerced a woman to have an abortion. My Journey will make it clear that I of all people have no right to condemn anyone. I understand that no matter what I write may not change the mind of someone who is pro-choice, but I am hoping that what I have shared will give such a person something to think about, to chew on. My goal has also been to show how a person that is pro-life can be sincere and not guilt trip someone who supports abortion. Continue reading “Abortion” »

Abortion-So Women Can Keep Good Figures

abortion post pregnancyAbortion-So Women Can Keep Good Figures

No woman would actually say “I support abortion so that women can keep good figures”. But would a woman say “No young woman would choose to go through with a pregnancy she doesn’t want knowing her body will look different after the pregnancy.” Yes, I have been told that. Or, “A pregnancy will affect a woman’s body permanently and she should consider this when she is wondering if she should keep the baby or not.” Continue reading “Abortion-So Women Can Keep Good Figures” »

The Gospel-The Solution to the Abortion Crisis

gospel abortion solutionThe Gospel-The Solution to the Abortion Crisis

We have an abortion crisis. Yes crisis. If you combined the deaths from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan/Iraq there would be a total of around 1.1 million deaths. Another more shocking fact-Over 54 million unborn babies have been aborted since 1973. Let this statistic sink in. 53 million more American unborn babies have tied from abortion than individuals from all wars combined. One of the most dangerous places for a baby to live is in the womb of its mother.

Invariably when abortion is discussed individuals justify abortion by saying there are babies conceived out of rape or incest, babies that have addicted parents, babies born with disabilities, babies born in homes where they are not wanted, or the children grow up in foster homes where they are being neglected, etc. The argument is that it would be much better if they were aborted than have such ‘terrible lives’. Continue reading “The Gospel-The Solution to the Abortion Crisis” »

Pro-Choice Newsflash, Sorry, But Facts Matter

abortion facts

Pro-Choice Newsflash, Sorry, But Facts Matter

I saw on Facebook a meme defending a woman being pro-choice. There are a few statements in the meme that are true, but several of the statements are false. Facts Matter!!!!

Sadly when it comes to the abortion debate, emotions and opinions become more important than facts. Neither side of the debate should resort to deception to defend a position. Continue reading “Pro-Choice Newsflash, Sorry, But Facts Matter” »

Unplanned-the Movie 2

unplanned pregnacy abortion

Unplanned-the Movie

Unplanned is the true story of Abby Johnson who became the youngest clinic director in the history of Planned Parenthood, then a life-changing experience turns her into an anti-abortion activist. Abby receives a Planned Parenthood director of the year award, but later is outspoken about the tactics of Planned Parenthood. What changed???????

“My story isn’t an easy one to hear. I think I probably ought to warn you of that up front.” Those words introduce us to Abby Johnson in Unplanned, which tells the true story of how this former Planned Parenthood clinic director changed her mind about abortion. Indeed, her story isn’t easy to watch. But it forces viewers to confront the reality of abortion from an unexpected viewpoint.

Any human being, whether they are pro-choice or pro-life, cannot watch this movie and not be touched by this true story. Only a person with a very cold heart will not be moved by this movie.

Continue reading “Unplanned-the Movie” »

Abortion-The Hard Cases 5

aabortion hard cases

Abortion-The Hard Cases

Less than 3% of abortions occur because of rape, incest, or fetus deformities. Less than 1% of abortions are because of the most extreme situations. In this article we are going to look at an example of one of the most horrific situations that could occur in a woman’s life. It is based upon a true story.  This is a story that will cause even the most pro-life person to ask the question, “is abortion ever permissible?”. Any pro-life person who reads about this story and is sincere, will say that there is no simple canned answer to this question. Some might even say, “yes, in this situation, abortion is permissible. Please take the time to read Dina Zirlott’s story before reading this article. Continue reading “Abortion-The Hard Cases” »


abortion infanticideAbortion-Infanticide

“If a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother,” stated Governor Northam of Virginia. His stated was in regards to a proposed Virginia bill to allow ‘abortion’ after the delivery of a baby.

There is no way to get around what this governor said. Nothing is being taken out of context. If a baby is delivered alive or is delivered and needs to be resuscitated (he stated he supports resuscitation) he believes the mother and father and two physicians should be consulted to determine if the baby should be killed. Continue reading “Abortion-Infanticide” »