My Journey Regarding Abortion 1

fetus abortionMy Journey Regarding Abortion
My Before God Days

I grew up as an atheist. My mom grew up in Christian foster homes and it appears had bad experiences. My dad grew up in  single parent family and had no leaning towards God. (My grandmother was a Polish Jew in heritage.) My Dad was not antagonistic towards God or Christians but lived as an atheist.
In my early years I just lived what I considered a moral life. In my eyes I was more moral than anyone I knew. The older I got the more pride I had. When I went to college I started being around Christians. I then became more vocal about my atheism. I would mock the Christians (many young women). I would be mean to them and push them away with being hateful towards them. I would tell some of them they were nice but stupid. I took pride in being an atheist. I would act like I am more moral than them. Continue reading “My Journey Regarding Abortion” »

Chicken Eggs and Abortion

chicken eggs abortion

Chicken Eggs and Abortion

A Travesty!!! Cruel and Unusual Punishment!
Chicken Eggs come from hens. Hens are required to lay eggs. After hens stop laying eggs they are murdered. All the sister hens are aware that once they stop laying the same thing will happen to them-they will be murdered. Imagine the stress they must go through. As human beings we should of  be concerned for the abused laying hens and stop supporting this wicked industry by not buying eggs or eating chickens. We must do our part to stop the cruel treatment of egg laying hens.

You say crazy! Right? Well, it may sound crazy, but watch this video, so you can watch and hear crazy. Continue reading “Chicken Eggs and Abortion” »

Survivors of Abortion

abortion survivorsSurvivors of Abortion

Abortion is certainly a hot topic in America. We as a nation are split about 50-50 in regards to this topic. As much as I am pro-life I also understand that many who are pro-choice are not supportive of the killing of innocent children as they are supportive of women having a right to choose if they keep their baby. As much as I understand why the pro-choice individuals believe what they believe, the truth is that every time abortion takes place there is only one human being that comes out alive. The truth is the most vulnerable, innocent are killed, and they cannot speak for themselves. Continue reading “Survivors of Abortion” »

Undercover Videos on Planned Parenthood

abortionThere have been many undercover videos made of interviews with Planned Parenthood workers/leaders. There have been some statements made by Planned Parenthood leaders saying the videos are biased, false, etc. I would recommend that everyone should watch the videos themselves and maker their own determination if the people producing the videos are being intentionally deceptive and if Planned Parenthood is being unfairly attacked

Here is my perspective. Yes, the videos are biased.. Of course they are bias. The reason for producing them is to show the evilness of Planned Parenthood. BUT, if there is nothing evil about Planned Parenthood then the videos should not be able to show Planned Parenthood as evil. What I mean by this is that if Planned Parenthood is legitimately selling body parts in a legal manner that is not against the law and following all guidelines and not intentionally making a profit then they have nothing to fear. Just some unfair bad press. Continue reading “Undercover Videos on Planned Parenthood” »

Animal Rights and Abortion

animal-rights-weak - Copy - CopyA Challenge to Animal Rights Supporters that Support Abortion
Is your position based upon logic and reasoning or based upon emotions and feelings? Is your position based upon facts or emotions and feelings?

Your Perspective on Animals
It is obvious that you believe and feel strongly that animals need to be protected from abuse. I would assume based upon the following:
1. Animals are beautiful and wonderful creatures, and for some of you they are God’s creation.
2. Some of you believe that animals are equal in value to human beings.
3. They are vulnerable and need to be protected.
4. No one should enter a preserve and kill and animal because they are to be protected.

Your Perspective on Abortion
I would assume you support abortion based upon at least one of the following:
1. The fetus is not fully human until fully developed.
3. The fetus does not value until it is born.
4. The fetus is not fully human until it can live viably outside of the womb.
5. No one has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body.
6. Abortion is not murder.

Continue reading “Animal Rights and Abortion” »

Modern Day Tragedies and Abortion

abortionModern Day Tragedies
How many readers believe what took place in Nazi, Germany was horrific? Six million Jews and five million other people groups were killed in concentration camps.

How many believe slavery in America was a horrific tragedy in America? There were over four million slaves in the South.

How many believe that sex trafficking is a modern day form of human slavery? In the U.S. there are over 100,000 minors involved in sex trafficking. Globally there are over 2.4 million victims of sex trafficking.

How many believe the abuse of animals is horrific and must be prevented? In America about 300,000 animals die a year from abuse.

All of these statistics are terrible. Hard to imagine. However, in each of these tragic situations the victims involved had some type of limited ability to escape from being a statistic. Even if they had little to no chance to escape alive they at least could make the choice to try and escape even if most likely they would die. The exception would be most abused animals did not have the ability to escape. Continue reading “Modern Day Tragedies and Abortion” »