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Richard D. Dover is the Senior Pastor of Seattle Open Door Church in Burien, WA , Executive Director of Fairhaven House, the TV Host of There is Hope TV, the founder of There is Hope Radio and founder of Christian Addiction Intervention. Richard D. Dover does not write these posts as a representative of any of the organizations but as an individual. Thus, the listed organizations may agree or disagree with these writings. Any posts/articles may me copied and used by others if it is copied in full and acknowledges Richard D. Dover is the author. Learn More about Richard D. Dover.

Freedom and Forgiveness-My Story

freedom and forgiveness

Freedom and Forgiveness-My Story

The following is my personal journey that taught me there is freedom when we forgive. For me it was true freedom-freedom from spending my life in prison. The following is the gory details of my journey from wanting to kill some people to forgiving them.

I should mention I have been an angry person, anger to the extreme at times, but I was never a violent person. I am 64 years old and have only been in a physical fight one time, when I was forced to fight someone when I was probably around 14 years old. I just let them beat me up. Continue reading “Freedom and Forgiveness-My Story” »

Go Upstream-Keep Dreaming

go upstream-keep-dreaming

Go Upstream and Keep Dreaming

If you determine to Go Upstream (taking a stand on Biblical principles, doing the will of God, living a life that gives glory to God) you will need to Keep Dreaming. Those who go with the flow, normally are those who go with the status quo. The status quo is the same ole same ole, Don’t rock the boat. “We have always done it that way.” To go upstream is going to require dreaming. Having goals, desires, hopes, dreams.  It is going to require you to Keep Dreaming against all odds. Continue reading “Go Upstream-Keep Dreaming” »

Press On Toward the Goal

press on jesus

Press On Toward the Goal

Philippians 3:14 says “I press on to reach the end of the race [the goal] and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” (NLT2). Are you pressing on? Philippians 3:8-14 tells us how to press on and how to win the race as a WINNER. Will we do what it says to become a Godly Employee, Godly Neighbor, Godly Sibling, Godly Grandparent, Godly Parent, a Righteous Church, BE LIKE JESUS? Continue reading “Press On Toward the Goal” »

Abortion-So Women Can Keep Good Figures

abortion post pregnancyAbortion-So Women Can Keep Good Figures

No woman would actually say “I support abortion so that women can keep good figures”. But would a woman say “No young woman would choose to go through with a pregnancy she doesn’t want knowing her body will look different after the pregnancy.” Yes, I have been told that. Or, “A pregnancy will affect a woman’s body permanently and she should consider this when she is wondering if she should keep the baby or not.” Continue reading “Abortion-So Women Can Keep Good Figures” »

Community Development-Kingdom of God

community development kingdom god

Community Development-Kingdom of God

Seattle Open Door Church is establishing a ministry department titled Community Development. In simple terms Community Development is getting people connected with each other. In more specific terms it is the church doing what it can to not only getting people connected with each other, but connected to resources to help fulfill the needs of individuals. Community Development occurs within the church and outside of the church. Continue reading “Community Development-Kingdom of God” »

Peggy Supporting Brittney Holifield


Peggy Supporting Brittney Holifield

Peggy is the wife of Brittney’s father. Peggy has seen the bad, the ugly, and the GOOD of Brittney.

Peggy shares about the struggles that family members go through when they have a loved one with an addiction. She also discusses the topic of loving the addicted person no matter what but not enabling. Peggy did not give up on Brittney and gathered a support team to help her in her recovery. Continue reading “Peggy Supporting Brittney Holifield” »