Go Upstream-Don’t Condone

go upstream dont condone

Go Upstream-Don’t Condone

In our culture today, especially in the political culture there is a mindset that if you are giving unconditional devotion or commitment, that you must accept and condone unacceptable behavior. You are a ‘traitor’ if you confront unacceptable behavior. You support the ‘enemy’ if you do not tow the line completely. This mindset is totally contrary to Scripture but even many Christians operate with that kind of mindset in regards to politics.

In today’s American politics there is a mindset among the Extreme Left and Extreme Right that you must to tow the line-you must not say or acknowledge anything negative about your political party or the politicians you support. I believe in the 2016 campaign that was drilled into the political extremists. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both operate out of that mindset. It is a very narcissistic and manipulating mindset. It is a very dangerous mindset. it breeds deception, corruption, and ungodly devotion.

it is clear in Scripture that we should give unconditional love to others. It is clear we should give devotion to those who are authorities over us. But in no way does Scripture teach the concept that you are to accept, condone, or promote ungodly behavior by any leader, no matter the position they hold.

The Gospel Message our Example
God shows unconditional love and devotion to mankind. He has give His all through the sacrificial death of His Son for our salvation. He has given us His Holy Spirit so we can walk in victory over sin. He has certainly shown us mercy. BUT in His love and devotion to us He does not condone our sin. He doen’t say “You are man so you cannot help it.”  Instead He tells us we must repent, we must turn from our sin. If we don’t there is a consequence, The consequence does not mean He loves us less. It means the Father knows whats best for us.

Sadly even churches and church leaders many times also operate out of a false concept that they can have unethical or ungodly behavior and church members are suppose to just accept the behavior. If they don’t they are removed from leadership positions, ostracized, or declared in rebellion. No different than what many political leaders do on a regular basis.

Husbands and Wives
There are individuals who are dead because of the lie of unconditional devotion means unconditional acceptance. This unbiblical mindset has led to horrific domestic abuse being accepted.

unconditional love bad behaviorsUnacceptable is Unacceptable
Unacceptable, unethical, immoral, ungodly, unjust behavior is sin and evil no matter who is doing it. Yes, even the President of the United States or the Senior Pastor of a church. As Americans, as Christians, we are obligated to take a stand against such behavior. To speak against it. Yes, still honor the position, yes, pray for the person, yes be devoted if at all possible, but not wink at inappropriate behavior. There may even come a time when one must do more than confront if there is no repentance.

Nathan and King David
The prophet Nathan clearly respected and honored King David as the King of Israel. However, when King David sinned regarding Bathsheba, Nathan did not keep silent. He confronted King David. It was an act of love, not being a traitor. If Nathan would have condoned King David’s behavior he would have been in sin, King David would not have repented and God would most likely have removed the kingdom from David.

Something to Think About
So each of us has to ask ourselves as American citizens, as Christians, have we bought into the lie that unconditional love means unconditional accepting of unacceptable behavior. In the political realm have we bought into the lie that our political parties can do no wrong? Have we bought into the lie that those politicians that we support are untouchable? If so, God will certainly bring His judgment upon our nation. It may be sooner than you think. And of course, each extreme side of the political spectrum will blame the other side.


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