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there is hope tvThere is Hope TV New Format

If you are a regular viewer of There is Hope TV the format is going to be different. Normally the There is Hope TV format is videos of me preaching or teaching at Seattle Open Door Church. However, I am no longer the Senior Pastor of Seattle Open Door Church. I resigned as the pastor because my wife Carmi and I bought a house in Greers Ferry, Arkansas  last year and now live in our home.

I know that sounds like a big change and it certainly is. Over 730,000 people in Seattle and around 1,000 people in Greers Ferry.  Over the next several months I will be talking about this giant change for Carmi and I and will be sharing biblical principles along the way.
While I was the pastor at SODC I was known as one who could come with a sermon based upon any topic or situation. Many times a church member would grab some object and my job was to immediately come up with a sermon.  For some this could be challenging but for me it was easy because I make it a practice to always ask God what He is doing at the moment, I look for biblical principles in the circumstances of life, and God is in the midst of all we do. I share this with you because as I live out life here in Arkansas I will be sharing with you the viewer biblical principles that we can learn from life experiences. Along the way I will be sharing with you the message of hope. No matter what comes our way, if we are a follower of Christ THERE IS HOPE!

In this broadcast I share from Romans 5: 5:1-5, a passage of Scripture that speaks on what builds hope. You might be surprised with the process of godly hope. The passage states that hope comes from sufferings, endurance (patience), and godly character. Many individuals do not have hope because when they encounter various trials they give up instead of enduring and allowing the circumstance to build character in them.

Life Lesson-Things Not As They Appear
In each There is Hope TV broadcast I share a Life Lesson  that can be gained from daily living. In this broadcast I speak on things are not always as they appear.

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