Why Moving to Arkansas?

Why Moving to Arkansas?

The question Carmi and I get all the time is “Why are you moving to Arkansas?” The short answer is we believe it is God’s will. The long answer is a long answer. Originally it was the goal of Carmi and I to ‘retire’ in the Philippines. That was our goal for several years. But it became clear last year that was not the best option. So we started looking at where was the most affordable places to live, own property, and be in a rural setting.  We narrowed it down to Arkansas and Tennessee.

Rural Setting and Financial Benefit
Ever since I moved from Oregon and Alaska I have looked forward to the day I could go back to living in a rural community. I love the outdoors. I love wildlife. I love rivers, streams, lakes, trees, and mountains. (Sadly Arkansas only has big hills.) If we had money we would rather be in a rural setting in Washington or Oregon but property and living expenses is beyond our budget.

Last year we bought a 3-Bedroom, 1-1/2 bath brick house on 2 acres with a stream at the edge of the property. There is a lake 1/3 larger than Lake Washington that is two miles away. All this for $97,000 with mortgage payments less than $800 a month. Almost everything is more affordable in Arkansas. This answers the Why Arkansas.

P.S. Right now where we will be moving to is too rural for Carmi, but we have met great people, good churches, and Carmi is getting excited to move.

Lot Leaving Sodom & Gomorrah
Another reason for moving to Arkansas is that my spirit is greatly grieved by the ungodly atmosphere of the Seattle/West Coast. Immorality, socialism, addiction, every evil deed is either condoned or promoted. There is a disdain to things of God. The governmental powers implement policies that go against the biblical principles that set people free. There is no evidence of things getting better. The only answer is revival. So why am I leaving?

God’s Release
Those who know me, know that I am a Spiritual Warrior. They know I am not afraid of a battle. They know me as a front lines person. They know me as one who will do anything to make a difference. They know I am willing to get dirty for the sake of souls. They know I am a watchman on the wall. If anybody should be able to deal with the ungodliness of the West Coast it is Rich Dover. So why is Rich Dover moving out of the area? Because I believe God has released me and created the circumstances for me to move out of the region. It is time for Carmi and I.

My Marriage
Carmi and I are doing better than ever as husband and wife. Our marriage is not on the rocks. We are not moving to save our marriage. We are moving to celebrate our marriage. I am married to Carmi, not ministry. However, in 15 years of marriage my wife has sacrificed so much. For almost 12 years we have not had own residence, we have either had someone staying with us or lived in shared facilities. Doing recovery ministry like we did for years required tons of time and sacrifices.

It is time for Carmi and I to focus on each other. We are getting older. We want to spend much more time together while we have our health. We want to have our own house and property. We want to minister on our own terms instead of the demands of ministry. We want to become debt free, we cannot do that in the Pacific Northwest and own a house at the same time.

Carmi and I are not going to stop doing ministry and we are not retiring. Instead we will be doing more ministering to each other and more ministry within our home. Our prayer is our home will be a home of ministry. Both of us will continue to work for awhile. Our goal is that by next year Carmi will be able to retire-knowing her she will work part-time. I hope to also work part-time next year. It is our goal that in a few years we can get to a place to not have to work at all.

Promised Land
Arkansas is not our promise land. Not with the extreme summers, snakes and bugs. Our promise land is heaven. Until then we are going to live some of our dreams here on earth, and do what we can to make our home a place of refuge.

Visit Us
We ask all our friends, relatives, and acquaintances to come visit us. We will have spare rooms for guests and we provide you with Southern hospitality.

Why Resigning from Seattle Open Door Church

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