Why Am I Resigning from SODC?

Why Am I Resigning from SODC?

Effective August 11 I will no longer be the Senior Pastor of Seattle Open Door Church. So obviously the most common question I get is “Why are you resigning?” The simple answer is because my wife Carmi and I are moving to Arkansas so we obviously cannot be in two States. So the next question is “Why are you moving to Arkansas?” I will address that in another post.Why I Am Not Resigning
First off over a year ago I informed the SODC congregation that I would be leaving the church within a year. So this was not a sudden decision. I should also say this decision was not based upon the lawsuit that SODC is dealing with currently. It was only a few months ago that SODC was made as a co-defendant in the lawsuit. The lawsuit is in regards to events that started before I became a pastor of SODC. So any rumors insinuating that is why I am resigning are not based upon reality.

I am not resigning because of secret or open sin. I am not resigning because my wife Carmi and I are getting a divorce, our marriage is the best it ever has been.

I am not resigning because of problems at SODC, because I was going to be removed as the pastor, or because I am unhappy with SODC.

Why I am Resigning-God’s Will
I am resigning because both Carmi and I feel it is best for SODC for me to resign. We both feel God has called me to resign. Thus I am resigning because we both believe it is God’s will for me to resign.

God’s Will-The Past
I came into a giant mess when I became the Senior Pastor of SODC. I will not get into all the details but it was clear to me and others why God called me to pastor SODC when i did. Much of the time I was taking on the role of Senior Pastor AND Administrator. There was no way the church could pay for both positions. At first not even for me as the senior pastor. My role over 7 years has been to fix the problems of the past (even now as i resign I am doing that and will continue to do that in a limited manner) and to lay a solid foundation for future pastors.

My role as senior pastor for the last 7 years was to bring solid, well-balanced biblical teaching to the church. To take SODC from tradition to the Bible. My role was to make SODC a community church, to be more of a non-denominational church. My role was to continue helping SODC church members to be loving and accepting of all. (They are excellent at that, and that is a wonderful gift to offer the next pastor.) My role as the senior pastor was to help SODC to move out of a strict cessation of the working of the Holy Spirit dogma to being open to the moving of God’s Holy Spirt-the Holy Spirit is not dead.

The main reason I took on the role of being the Senior Pastor of SODC is because I clearly felt that God called me to prepare the way for revival at SODC and in the Burien community.

God’s Will-Future
To be very honest I wanted revival to occur during my tenure. At times I have felt SODC was right at the edge of this occurring. To be honest I want to be here when it happens. But it became very clear to me in the last few months that God is saying “You must be ‘out of the way’ for me to bring revival. It is going to occur through another pastor if my people will let it happen.”

I believe there is someone younger, more gifted, more anointed to take SODC to the next level. Someone with a different personality than mine. I believe there needs to be fresh blood for revival to occur. Someone who can bring a team and develop a team. Someone who has the ability to obtain additional resources. Someone who has a certain skill set.

Forget the Former Things
I believe the following passage is applicable to SODC and Carmi and I. It is a good thing. I am excited to see what God does at SODC and in our lives. I do not want to be in the way.
Isaiah 43:18-19
18 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. 19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Why Moving to Arkansas?

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