Jesus the Man

jesus the man

Jesus the Man

When Jesus was on earth He was fully man and fully God What was He like as a man when on earth? For some reason many people, including Christians, want to only portray one facet of who Jesus was as a man. They normally present Jesus as a man who was loving, kind, gentle, calm, never angry, never frustrated, only spoke kind words, The persona presented is that Jesus was love, love, love. Happy, happy, happy. Many would say that the TV character Mr. Rogers was the perfect portrayal of who Jesus was a man. Thus if a man does not act like Mr. Rogers he is not like Jesus.

The Mr. Rogers of TV is not the Jesus of the Bible. The happy go lucky, never angry, always a smile on his face Mr. Rogers is not an accurate portrayal of what Jesus was as a man on earth, and thus not an accurate portrayal of what it means to be fully male. The TV Mr. Rogers was certainly a great representation of some of what Jesus was as a man (an example for men to follow), but not the full representation. Let’s look at the other side of Jesus.

Angry Jesus
Jesus and the Temple-Jesus makes a whip to clear the temple. he scatters coins, turns over tables. he does this twice. John 2:13-22; Matthew 21:12-1, Mark 11:1`5-19, Luke 19:45-48. It should be noted that Matthew, Mark, and Luke, (the Holy Spirit) found it important enough to write about Jesus anger.

Jesus and the Religious Leaders-As you read through Matthew 23 you can almost picture His voice growing louder while the veins in His neck and forehead begin to surface. Jesus pronounces woes upon the religious leaders. He calls them blind guides, vipers, and says how can they possibly escape the condemnation of hell. This is not a ‘turn the other cheek’ sermon.

Jesus will return to earth with love and wrath.

The Satirical, Sarcastic Jesus
Matthew 12:5, 19:4, 21:6, 21:42, 22:31 “Have you not read in the Scripture?” Jesus would use this phrase at times. He knew the person/group had read the passage. It was a taunt, it was to mock, it was to show the religious leaders did not have authority over Jesus.

John 10:21-32, “Which good work do yous tone me for?” Blatant sarcasm.

In Luke 13:33 Jesus calls King Herod a fox (foxes were unclean animals that were destructive). Jesus then makes a comment that you religious leaders like to kill their prophets so I will be sure to come back to Jerusalem to give you an opportunity.

Sweeping Harsh Statements
In Matthew 23 Jesus makes several unkind generalized statements about the Pharisees. He certainly was not politically correct.

Jesus loved and died for the Pharisees He belittled. He even showed some measure of respect to their position (Matthew 23:2–3), but that didn’t instill in Him any obligation to fake kindness toward the damage the Pharisaical system was doing.

Jesus Murdered Pigs
Remember Him sending the pigs over the cliff. Matthew 8.

Jesus Cursed a Fig Tree
A fig tree was not producing fruit and Jesus cursed it.  Mark 11.

Woman Ignored Twice and Called a Dog
Matthew 15:21-28. There can be a debate about if Jesus said the woman was a dog, like a dog, or something else. Whatever it was Jesus said something that could be very hurtful and was calling the woman to humility.

Punishment of Sin
Jesus certainly spoke about hades, hell, Gehenna, punishment of sin, etc.

Jesus was fully man and fully God. Jesus never sinned. Thus all of the above statements and actions of Jesus were not sinful. Jesus the man is not the sanitized version that many try to portray Jesus as being. Yes, Jesus the man was loving, kind, tender, and merciful. But Jesus the man was also very direct, forthright, angry, spoke harsh words, and took action against sin.

If Jesus is the perfect example of being a man, then a godly man will have the characteristics that Jesus manifested. TV character Mr. Rogers is not an example of how to be a man-Jesus is! Men, model Jesus!

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