A Squeaky Clean Man

squeaky clean man

A Squeaky Clean Man

There has been only one Squeaky Clean Man on earth-Jesus Christ. On this side of heaven there will be only one Squeaky Clean Man-Jesus Christ. No man on earth will ever be a Squeaky Clean Man. Is Jesus to be the example for all men to follow? Absolutely!! Can men through the power of Jesus Christ walk in purity and godliness? Absolutely!! Should men desire to be like Jesus? Absolutely! But what if I was to say that we as a society have a misconception of what it means to be squeaky clean? What if I was to say we are setting men up for failure.

If we define being squeaky clean means to walk in purity and holiness, all of us, men or women, should strive by the power of the Holy Spirit to be squeaky clean. The problem is when we define a man is being squeaky clean if he is happy all the time, never shows anger, always turns the other cheek, never becomes physical,  only says kind words. Mr. Rogers (the TV character, not Fred Rogers the real person) was portrayed this way. Sadly many portray Jesus as this way. it is a totally false portrayal. These characteristics are not what defines godliness, being a godly man. Jesus was not always happy, Jesus showed anger, Jesus did not always turn the other cheek, Jesus got physical, Jesus spoke harsh words at time. (I have addressed this in Jesus the Man.)

If society demands men to be squeaky clean like TV character Mr. Rogers, or the false portrayal of Jesus, they are setting men up for failure. It is not how God created men. Men do not live in a Mr. Rogers happy go lucky neighborhood. Adam lived in a perfect world. But even in a perfect world, Satan came as a serpent to deceive. To battle Satan, Adam was not to be the false portrayal of a squeaky clean man-a man who does not get angry, a man who does not fight, a man who is passive. Sadly that was who Adam was, and how many men are today.

Men are to be warriors. Men are to be those who rescue. Yes, they are to do it in a godly manner, but it will look messy at times. At times, men will do it to wrong. Sadly, many men in today’s society are fearful of failing. Or fearful they will not handle things like a squeaky clean man, and then do nothing. Honestly, many men have become wimps. They have chosen the safe path, just like Adam. The problem is it is not safe. Satan wins.

Our next article will be “What is a Wimpy Man?”

P.S. Fred Rogers, the real Mr. Rogers was not Squeaky Clean and not a Wimp.

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