What is a Wimpy Man?

wimpy man

What is a Wimpy Man?

Before I define what is a wimpy man, I will define what is not a wimpy man, to remove any stereotypes of what is a wimpy man. A wimpy man is not a man who is thin, has no muscles, short, or any other physique. A wimpy man is not a  man who has never been in a fight. A wimpy man is not a man who is weak because of health conditions. A wimpy man is not a man who is soft, gentle, kind, loving, caring. A wimpy man is not a man who is a stay at home father, a beautician, an interior decorator, etc. The fact is a man could be bulky and muscular, be a bully, work in construction, and be a wimp in the heart. The appearance and behavior can be a cover-up.


Wimp, Wimpy
A weak, ineffectual, cowardly person. Lazy, unhurried, lackadaisical, sluggish, lethargic, passive, listless, dull, apathetic, delicate. A wimpy person is one who lets life pass them by, who will not fight for a cause, who fears confrontation, one who will not take action, not adventurous, has not desire to rescue, avoids the risk of romance. A wimpy person has no emotions. A wimpy man would only have feminine characteristics, no masculine characteristics.

A Wimpy Man-No Battle to Fight
A wimpy man is always passive even when the circumstances calls for something different.
A wimpy man would be a man who sees an animal being tortured and would do nothing, sees a child being harmed and does nothing. He does not want to get ‘dirty’. If you fight (physically, emotionally, relationally) you will get dirty. It can get messy. Wimpy men do not want to get messy.

A wimpy man has no courage. No warrior spirit. Not every man has to be in the front lines., but they should be in the war. We are not talking about just physical contact. A man can be a warrior through his writings, through his prayers, through the words he speaks.

A Wimpy Man-No Adventure
A wimpy man is too lazy to go on adventure. Nothing excites him. Nothing energizes him. He has no desire to explore, to learn, to grow, to conquer, to embrace. We are not saying every man should like hunting, fishing, jumping off cliffs. Adventure can mean something as simple as just doing something you have never done before. It can mean going out and enjoying nature or being part of the city life. It can mean, enjoying walking through the mall with his lover.

A Wimpy Man-No Romance
A wimpy man is a man without emotion. A man that does not care about a greater cause. A man who has no desire to ‘win over’. A woman around a wimpy man will not feel loved and cherished. A wimpy man will never risk his heart for another.

Wimpy Man-Squeaky Clean
A wimpy man appears to be squeaky clean. Why? Because he never risks, he never appears to do anything wrong. He never gets angry or show other emotions, he never fights (more than physical fighting), he refuses to have relationships with the opposite sex (thus appears to never have to deal with with lust), he appears to be safe, you will never have a problem with him.

Sadly many mothers create an environment for their son to grow up wimpy. They try to stop their husbands from raising up a real man instead of a wimpy man. Our culture at times wants to remove masculinity from men to counter the bully, violent man.

Sadly Adam manifested a man who was wimpy. Adam did not come against the lies of Satan, He was passive. He did not put up a fight. He did not experience the adventure of going to battle, to conquer fear. He certainly was not a man who rescued someone in danger, to romance them by stealing them from the arms of evil. Instead of being a leader he was a follower. Ever since Adam every man has something deep within him that wonders if he has what it takes to be a man. Sadly our culture either emasculates men to confirm they are wimps or our culture promotes a false concept of being a man-being a bully, violent, seeing women as sex objects. Thankfully the Bible has portrayals of what it means to be a man.

In our next article we will take a look at King David and Samson. Two totally different men. Yet they were good examples and poor examples of what it means to be a man.

Jesus the Man
A Squeaky Clean Man

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