Warning to Conservative Christians-Introduction

warning to conservative christiansWarning to Conservative Christians
The Rhetoric of the Far Conservative Right

The goal of this series is to challenge conservative Christians to use wisdom and not be deceived by the extremism of the far right. Extremism that is not biblical, not godly, and comes close to being Un-American. In this series I will be sharing specifically how this is happening. I am sure this series will disturb, anger, and irritate some individuals. Truth is hard to accept at times, but the truth sets people free and helps prevent deception. Sadly more and more Christians are allowing themselves to become deceived because they are letting their politics, instead of the Word of God, to guide them.

American Christians are obligated to be affiliated with Jesus Christ alone. Our devotion is to be to Jesus Christ alone. The hope for America is Jesus Christ alone. It is not Jesus AND. We are to trust Jesus alone. Our ultimate trust cannot be in any government entity, political party, or person. They will all fail us at some point. If ‘worshiped’, they will control us instead of the principles found in Scripture.

Yes as Christians living in America we have the right, and obligation, to not leave politics in the hands of atheists, agnostics, or pagans. To do so would be unwise. Sadly for many years American Christians have overall stayed out of politics and we see what has happened, we have allowed our politics to be controlled by secularists. Our nation that was founded on Christian principles has overall become a pagan country. However, the problem that has started occurring since 2016 is Christians thinking America can become great again through a political party or through a President. America will only become great as a nation when there is a move of the Holy Spirit that leads to massive repentance and transformation of lives. Can God use political parties and government leaders? Absolutely!!! Can they be an answer to prayer? Absolutely! But an overemphasis can lead to deception.
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There certainly is the extremism of the Liberal side of politics. I would argue even more extreme. However this series is focused on the Far Conservative Right.

In my next article I will list the various examples of the extremism of the Far Conservative Right and cover them in detail in upcoming articles.

Rhetoric of the Far Christian Right
Unhealthy Communication
Warning to Conservative Christians-Introduction

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