Warning to Conservative Christians-Part One

warning conservative christiansWarning to Conservative Christians
The Extreme Rhetoric of the Far Conservative Right

Part One-Examples of the Extreme Rhetoric of the Far Conservative Right

As Christians our faith in Christ, or relationship in Christ, our understanding of the Word of God, and actual facts should dictate our politics. However, for some Christians it appears their stand on politics is dictated by the above and emotions, feelings, social media, memes, and the end justifies the means mindset. This mindset is what creates the atmosphere for extremism, hatred, and what appears as a very bigoted approach to politics. This mindset produces extreme rhetoric that does not reflect biblical principles or reflect facts.

Examples of Extreme Rhetoric of the Far Conservative Right
I will be using the phrase ALL many times. The far Conservative Right may not always use all but their comments insinuate or give the impression of all. Or there is an overemphasis that makes it appear they mean all. They only present the negative side of a group, thus insinuating all.

  • All Muslims are evil or have evil intentions. Multitudes of Muslims are coming into America to do terrorists acts. They cannot be trusted.
  • All refugees and illegals are taking advantage of the system.
  • If you are a Republican and you don’t wholeheartedly support Donald Trump you are not a Republican.
  • All Republicans and Democrats are part of the ‘swamp’ if they do not ‘worship’ Trump.
  • President Trump is untouchable, he is never in error.
  • It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says, it is all immaterial. He gets a free pass.
  • If you are a Democrat you are a socialist, communist, or at a minimum hate America.
  • All Christians should support Donald Trump.
  • The end justifies the means-it is immaterial that a meme is not true, it is immaterial if a conservative group exaggerates, it is immaterial if Trump blatantly lies, as long as we get what we want.
  • Character does not matter, only policy.
  • If you don’t agree with the right wingers you hate America.
  • All illegal immigrants are criminals and have bad intentions
  • It is fake news if the news says something they disagree with or they do not support.
  • All news media is corrupt unless it is FOX news, or some right wing extreme media source.
  • If it is a conservative supporting meme it must be true.
  • Snopes absolutely cannot be trusted because liberals run it. We don;t if the facts prove otherwise.
  • It is wrong to call Trump supporters fascists, racists, bigots, but okay to call liberals socialists, communists, America haters
  • There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in white privilege.
  • Corruption is wrong as long as it is on the liberal side, conservatives are never corrupt, or just wink at the corruption.
  • All Democrats are God haters.
  • Denying that there has been extreme global warming and extreme climate change.

As a Christian, as a conservative Christian and conservative American I cannot accept this extreme rhetoric and will speak against it.

There will be Extreme Far Conservative Right that will say this is an inaccurate portrayal. Well, as a Conservative Christian and a Republican this is what I see and hear all the time. How much more is a liberal going to see it like this? If you do not want to be misrepresented, when confronted with statements and actions that appear to be bigoted some defending them. If President Trump says something that is foolish, ignorant, sounds racist or bigoted call him out on it, stop defending what he says. Winking looks like condoning.

By the way, if you agree with any of the bullet points you are revealing you have a Far Conservative Right leaning.

I know some will say that the liberals, especially the Far Left have their own extreme rhetoric. Of course they do, I would go as far as to say their actions go even further. I would say they are clearly hypocrites. But this series is not on the Far Left.


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