College Student Drops Out of Christian College

st lukes bible college

College Student Drops Out of Christian College

Jimmy Spencer attended St Luke Bible College in Seattle, WA for one year but suddenly decided to drop out of bible college when his quest to find God was obviously a vain journey.

Jimmy stated that though his hope to find God’s presence at St. Luke’s was clearly a failure, he did find many other things.

He found that fornication was embraced while homosexuality was frowned upon by some professors and yet welcomed by others.

He also found that many Bible college students loved the F word, loved Professor Drake’s home brew beer, and his cherished basement grown, God made it, marijuana.

Jimmy may be discouraged in his quest to find God at St. Lukes’s Bible College but he said he is certain he will find God at the local seeker friendly church. He heard through the college students that God shows up during the worship light show. So this Sunday he is attending God is Here Church in downtown Seattle. Thankfully he was informed ahead of time to wear sandals and to make sure his jeans have many tears in them, seems to create a better atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to show up.

This is a satirical article, not a true story. The purpose of the article is to point out that many Bible colleges of become very liberal and secularized and in our modern Christian culture the concept of God’s presence is misunderstood.


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