Community Development-Kingdom of God

community development kingdom god

Community Development-Kingdom of God

Seattle Open Door Church is establishing a ministry department titled Community Development. In simple terms Community Development is getting people connected with each other. In more specific terms it is the church doing what it can to not only getting people connected with each other, but connected to resources to help fulfill the needs of individuals. Community Development occurs within the church and outside of the church.

Community Development is being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is the implementation of the Matthew 25:35-45 principle of feeding the hungry, hospitality, clothing, ministering to the sick, visiting the prisoner.

Community Development is the Connect of our mission of Win, Connect, Disciple, Send. As a church our goal is Win people to Christ, get them Connected with church by ministering to them. From there teaching them how to be a disciple for Christ and then sending them out to win people to Christ and get then starting the process over.

The Kingdom of God expands when Community Development along with evangelism is combined with discipleship. All are important!

P.S. True community development does not have a stipulation that it is only for people within the church.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Community Development-Part One
Community Development-Part Two

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