Peggy Supporting Brittney Holifield


Peggy Supporting Brittney Holifield

Peggy is the wife of Brittney’s father. Peggy has seen the bad, the ugly, and the GOOD of Brittney.

Peggy shares about the struggles that family members go through when they have a loved one with an addiction. She also discusses the topic of loving the addicted person no matter what but not enabling. Peggy did not give up on Brittney and gathered a support team to help her in her recovery.

The interview with Peggy finishes with Peggy and Pastor Rich speaking on the steps Brittney has taken to live out a life of sobriety:
a. A desire to be addiction free.
b. Surround herself with people who are steadfast in the Lord and understand what it takes for recovery from addiction.
c. Accountability
d. Have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.

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