The Gospel-The Solution to the Abortion Crisis

gospel abortion solutionThe Gospel-The Solution to the Abortion Crisis

We have an abortion crisis. Yes crisis. If you combined the deaths from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan/Iraq there would be a total of around 1.1 million deaths. Another more shocking fact-Over 54 million unborn babies have been aborted since 1973. Let this statistic sink in. 53 million more American unborn babies have tied from abortion than individuals from all wars combined. One of the most dangerous places for a baby to live is in the womb of its mother.

Invariably when abortion is discussed individuals justify abortion by saying there are babies conceived out of rape or incest, babies that have addicted parents, babies born with disabilities, babies born in homes where they are not wanted, or the children grow up in foster homes where they are being neglected, etc. The argument is that it would be much better if they were aborted than have such ‘terrible lives’.All Humans Have Value and Significance
The Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it clear that ALL human beings have value and worth. The conditions in which a child is conceived does not give it less significance. A child born with addicted parents or with a disability does not have less value and worth.  To insinuate that a child conceived out of rape, incest, born with a disability, or going into foster care should be aborted rather than live because they will have a terrible life is certainly not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Think about it, what kind of message is this to those who were born under these circumstances, and are alive today.

Many, if not most, aborted babies are conceived outside of marriage. The Bible teaches that we are not to have sex outside of marriage. Those who are true followers of Christ understand this and practice abstinence. If the biblical principle of abstinence was followed, abortions would drop significantly.

There certainly are married women who are getting abortions. If both the husband and wife are followers of Christ and there is an ‘unwanted pregnancy’ they believe God is sovereign and trust Him to give them grace as they make the choice for life instead of death. If Christians followed the biblical principles regarding marriages, there would not be the concern of raising a child in a bad family situation.

Baby Mommas and Dead Beat Fathers
Those who are true followers of Christ do not become baby mommas and dead beat fathers. They understand that you do not have children until you are mature enough to be a parent.

Rape/Incest/Grace of God
Those who are truly born again do not rape women and do not have have sex with relatives. There are women who have conceived because of the result of rape or incest and they have chosen to not abort and trust Jesus to give them the grace to carry the baby and give it up for adoption at the end of the pregnancy. There are also women who have chosen to their baby. Some have even forgiven the perpetrator. These are examples of amazing grace.

Those who are born again understand that God can give them grace to raise a child with disabilities.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Christian sponsored Crisis Pregnancy Centers help provide counseling and resources to those considering an abortion. They provide the support that is needed to make the decision to not abort.

Bottom Line
Individuals who have a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, even individuals who are not Christians but honor the principles taught in the Bible, are much less likely to get an abortion. Want to see abortions reduced, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Help mothers with an unwanted pregnancy to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Help young people to become truly born again so they can avoid many of the pitfalls that can lead to abortion.


If you are considering an abortion for the sake of your health or life, I plead with you to see a doctor first, before an abortionist who makes money doing abortions. Your health and life matters. If you are wanting to get an abortion for other reasons, be honest with yourself. I understand there may be some very strong reasons why you are considering an abortion. Understandable reasons. But your decision has eternal consequences. Please give a call 24/7 at 1-866-926-8463. 1-866-WANTGOD. We have people to listen to your story.

If you have had an abortion this must be very hard for you to read. You may have guilt, shame, condemnation, and believe God hates you. I want to assure you that is not the case. He instead wants to comfort you. Please give  a call 24/7 at 1-866-926-8463. 1-866-WANTGOD. We have people to encourage you.

I judge no one who has obtained an abortion. I had my own child aborted.

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