Pro-Choice Newsflash, Sorry, But Facts Matter

abortion facts

Pro-Choice Newsflash, Sorry, But Facts Matter

I saw on Facebook a meme defending a woman being pro-choice. There are a few statements in the meme that are true, but several of the statements are false. Facts Matter!!!!

Sadly when it comes to the abortion debate, emotions and opinions become more important than facts. Neither side of the debate should resort to deception to defend a position.abortion facts

Fact One
Abortions are many times seen as the only option or they would not be taking place so often. Adoption is rarely seen as an option.
Fact Two
It is not their own bodies-biology 101
Fact Three
Abortion is not pro-women when female unborn babies are targeted, thus more aborted than males.
Fact Four
Unborn babies have no voice to protect/defend their life. Only those who were not aborted can decide if they live or die. So it is our business.
Fact Five
Why are there animal rights activists? Because animals cannot speak for themselves. Should there not be animal rights activists? After all “its my pet, I should be able to do what I want with it.”
Fact Six
Where are the pro-choice organizations that run crisis pregnancy centers to help women make other choices than abortion? There are not any. Only pro-life groups start crisis pregnancy centers to help women in crisis. BTW, they do not prevent a woman from getting an abortion. The woman has freedom choose what they will do.
Fact Seven
Planned Parenthood makes its money on abortions. They need women to have abortions or they would be out of business. Thus they do not provide ultrasounds-that would destroy business. They are in the killing unborn baby business.
Fact Eight
Minorities have been targeted by Planned Parenthood from day one, specifically Blacks. The killing of unborn Black babies through abortion is a genocide orchestrated through Planned Parenthood.

The above facts is why many Americans are pro-life.

We are pro-choice. Women can choose to not have sex until ready to be a mother.

Women can choose to have protected sex until ready to be a mother.

Women can choose to have ‘tubes tied’ if never want to be a mother.

Women can choose to give up their baby for adoption if they don’t want to raise an unwanted baby conceived by accident (babies are not an accident, sex creates babies).

Women can choose to not have sex with irresponsible dead beat men.

In regards to life of the health of the mother, rape, incest, they are only 5% of the reasons for an abortion. In these situations the woman may choose what she wants to do. Pro-Lifers vary on the rape and incest exception. For me personally I believe God can give grace in those two situations for a pregnant mother to carry the baby to term. However, I can completely understand how a mother without Christ in her life could see it as punishment and too traumatic. I choose to lean towards mercy in these situations.

No one can say I am judging a woman who gets an abortion, I forced my girlfriend to get an abortion.…/past…/category/abortion/


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