How Old is the Universe?

how old universe

How Old is the Universe?

For years scientists decided the universe was 13.8 billion years old. But now it appears the universe is 12.5 billion years old. “If all the numbers are correct, then the problem must run deeper. It must lie in our interpretation of those numbers — that is, in our fundamental models of how the universe works. “The discrepancy suggests that there’s something in the cosmological model that we’re not understanding right,” Riess says. What that something could be, nobody knows.”  (Link to article at end of this blog post.)

The something is the God factor that they refuse to acknowledge. The intelligent design factor. It is a total waste of time, energy, and money to try and figure out how old the universe is. Why? Because man on earth will never find the answer to this question. The God factor defies anything man can come up with. No experimentation can come with the answer. And what does the answer matter? How will people live differently if the universe is 1 Billion or 50 billion years old?

Regardless of the age of the earth people will continue to sin and do evil. People will continue to have prejudice and hate. What matters is not how old the universe may be, but if a person acknowledges God and that the only means to heaven to experience a new universe is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior. That changes people’s lives, not how old the universe may be.

Some say “The more we learn about our universe, we can do what we can to preserve our world.” Truth is man cannot preserve the world, and ultimately God is bringing judgment upon earth and will destroy it. Once again, the most important thing is a relationship with Jesus Christ, not the age of the universe.

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