Kanisha Supporting Brittney Holifield

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Kanisha Supporting Brittney Holifield

I interviewed Kanisha, who devoted her time and energy to help Brittney Holifield in her journey to addiction recovery.

Kanisha applied the principles she learned in her own journey to be free from addiction-applying the 12th Step of Celebrate Recovery, sharing the message of hope to others. The sacrifices that Kanisha made for Brittney was in response to her thankfulness and gratitude for those who helped her in her own addiction recovery.

Kanisha acknowledges she only had around 11 months of recovery and she could have certainly relapsed herself if she did not make Jesus number one in her life and if she had not surrounded herself with others who were strong in their recovery.

Kanisha shared the most important thing a love one can do for someone struggling with addiction-continue to love them, pray for them, and believe they can be set free. Loving them does not mean enabling them.

Listen to the interview: https://soundcloud.com/seattleopendoorchurch/kanisha-supporting-brittney-holifield

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