Play the Flute-Reviews

Play the Flute Movie Reviews

Seattle Open Door Church sponsored the showing in Seattle of the movie Play the Flute. The theme of the movie is a church receives a new youth pastor for a very disinterested youth group. The youth have no desire to read the Bible or anything to do with spirituality. (Sadly this true for many young people today.) The youth pastor refuses to compromise or to use entertainment to win the youth. He makes a commitment to continuously teach Bible principles, share stories to help make the Bible real, and to cry out to God. Some amazing transformations take place in the midst of various challenges. Anyone who watches the movie, regardless of their spiritual background, will be touched by this movie.

Seattle Open Door Church received permission from Producer Rich Christiano to do a showing at our church. It will be showing Play the Flute Movie on Wed, 5/22/19, 6pm at it’s church located at 625 SW 149th St. Burien, WA 98166. Producer Rich Christiano will be speaking via Skype after the showing of the movie. We will be taking a love offering after the showing.

Movie Attendee Comments
During the showing of the movie there was laughter, crying, amens, anger exhibited over injustice, and great applause at the end of the movie.

The following are comments by those who watched the movie in Seattle.

It became clear why Seattle Open Door Church was suppose to sponsor the showing of the movie.


I brought non-Christian friends to the movie and they said it was a great movie to watch even though it had a Christian theme. It was inspiring.


The movie did a great job of depicting our current youth culture in much of America.


The acting was very good in the movie.


The movie inspired me to do more to reach people with the love of God.


The story-line was very well written and very realistic.


I wept with joy and wept with sorrow during the movie. It really touched me.


This is the second time I watched the movie and I received greater insight after watching the movie a second time. I encourage others to watch it again.


This movie presented one of the best Gospel messages if any Christian themed movie.


I could not help but cry when I saw the injustice taking place.


I encourage any young person who loves Jesus to bring their lost friends to the movie.




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