Go Upstream-Some Christians Will Hate You

go upstream not downstream series

Go Upstream-Some Christians Will Hate You

If you determine to Go Upstream (taking a stand for Biblical principles, doing the will of God, living a life that gives glory to God) you will be going against the flow of the world. But almost for sure you will also be going against much of the downstream flow of Christianity in America. Much of the Christianity today is not the Christianity of the Bible. That should be clear to anyone that reads their Bible.  The Christianity in America today is overall a worldly Christianity. It is a Christianity that winks at sin and even goes as far as to not call sin, sin.  It is a self-serving Christianity. It is a fell good Christianity.American Christianity is going down the path of believing politics and a political party is the solution to America’s problems.

If Christians choose to go upstream, there will be those who hate them. Even some Christians. Those who go upstream will be called negative, hateful, judgmental, self-righteous. When they call for repentance, the call will be ignored. The Bible makes it very clear that the closer we get to the End Times, that those who stand for the principles found in Scripture will be going upstream. They will be the remnant. Remnant-a small part, member, or trace remaining; a small surviving group; what is left of a community after it goes through a catastrophe.

The remnant church is a visible, historical, organized body characterized by obedience to the commandments of God and the possession of a unique end-time gospel proclamation. The Remnant Church will go upstream. What about you? Will you go with the downward spiral of Christianity are be part of the remnant?

Note: All of us can be deceived at times. All of us can be led by the flesh instead of the Spirit. All of us can fall short. The Good News is if we are true followers of Christ, the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us towards truth so we do not fall into blatant deception.

Are you going downstream or upstream?

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