Go Upstream, not Downstream Series

go upstream not downstream series

Go Upstream, not Downstream Series

This series is going to be covering the concept that as Christians we are not to go with the flow of the world. The world is on a downward spiral to hell. Followers of Christ must go against the current. Everything we do should be heavenly minded. That means we must fight against the current that tries to get us to conform to the standards of this world. Going Upstream means that we must make the decision that the will of God is more important than appeasing man. To Go Upstream means to take a stand on Biblical principles, doing the will of God, and living a life that gives glory to God.If we want to see people healed, delivered, and born again; if we want to see our communities transformed; if we want to grow in Christ; if we want to see the favor of God; we must make the choice to GO UPSTREAM, not Downstream. Is it hard at times? Absolutely! Is it not fun at times? Absolutely! Can it make you unpopular? Absolutely!! Can it lead to people disliking you and bring persecution? Absolutely! Is it worth it to go upstream instead of downstream? Absolutely!!!

The prophets, the Jewish remnant, the apostles, the disciples of Christ, Jesus, all went Upstream-against the current.

Take note-not only will the unbelieving world hate you, but even some, if not many, Christians will hate you if you choose to GO UPSTREAM. That will be our next blog article.

Are you going downstream or upstream?

Go Upstream, not Downstream Series
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Go Upstream-Some Christians Will Hate You
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