Body of Christ-Spiritual Warriors

body christ spiritual warriorss

Body of Christ-Spiritual Warriors

The Body of Christ is made up of Christians from a variety of denominations, churches, cultures, doctrinal beliefs. Needless to say, the Body of Christ is a very diverse group. Being diverse, there can be division among the Body of Christ. However, when the Body of Christ unites together in prayer, there can be great unity. Powerful unity. With unity there can be powerful prayer. With powerful unity and powerful prayer there can be spiritual warfare.

What would happen if each member of the Body of Christ, true followers of Jesus, understood that through prayer they are spiritual warriors? What if Christians let down the walls of denominational separation and united together to pray for their community. What if these Spiritual Warriors would go into public places and consistently pray? What would happen if there were more Christians praying in troubled areas than those who were doing blatant sin in those areas? Our communities could be transformed. LIGHT would conquer darkness.

So the question to you is, “Are you willing to join with other Christians and become the Army of God? Are you willing to devote time to pray not only in your home, in your church, but in your community?” It is time to go to battle for our communities.

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