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merge with god

Merge with God

I made a big mistake and when I make mistakes I always look for lessons out of them. Invariably the Holy Spirit speaks to me. It is a practice we all should have in our life.

I have been interviewing people over the phone the last couple of days. I have software on my phone so I can record the calls. After each call I make I get a notice that the call has been recorded. Since I saw the notice, I never checked to see if the calls were being recorded. It turns out there was only dead space being recorded. Not good needless to say.Normally I do an interview, then go to the recording, do my edits, and then upload the podcast. If I had done that I would have noticed the first interview did not get recorded and fix the problem before doing the other interviews. But I was overly confident that everything was fine. Sadly what happened with the 3 calls is I forgot to merge the recording phone number with the number of the person I was calling. So I only recorded silence. Great interviews but not recorded. I had great intentions but took wrong steps. So the interviews were a waste of my time and the people I interviewed. But was it? it is a matter of perspective.

If we learn from our mistakes it is never a waste of time. Very clearly the spiritual lesson out of this is we can have great intentions in the things we do, but we must merge our lives with God if we want to walk in His will. God has everything ready to go (the record feature is turned on). We are ready and willing to do what we think is best (we have good intentions). But if we do not merge our will with God (merge all parties together), we will not see God’s perfect will (the conversations being recorded). When we fall short (no recording because of not merging), it is not a total waste, we just need to learn from our shortcomings. (I am now alert to always merge calls.) God makes all things work out for good. (The new interviews will be even better because all involved have become familiar with what needs to be discussed in the interviews.)

My question to you is: Are you merging your will with God. Good intentions can only get you so far. Sometimes they get you nothing when God is not involved. Be sure to MERGE!!!!!!


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