Come Awake 2

come awake

Come Awake

Many people are living in darkness. Some in total darkness, others bounce between darkness and light. Sadly there are Christians who have the Holy Spirit living within them but still respond to the temptations of Jesus and allow Him to control them. It is to WAKE UP. Be aware of who you are in Christ and say “Devil no more!”. Those who learn how to worship Jesus in spite of their circumstances are able to walk in victory. We can live overcoming lives and be led by the Holy Spirit.

There are those who are living in darkness, are not aware they are living in darkness, or maybe they are aware, and they are being totally controlled by the devil. The solution for them is an encounter with Jesus Christ. Hearing the Gospel and embracing it, becoming born again. As Christians we should be leading others to Jesus.
Information on Jesus, Christianity, and How to Go to Heaven:

So who are you? The one living in darkness, the one in and out of darkness, the one who is living an overcoming life, or the one who are living an overcoming life and sharing Jesus with others?

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2 thoughts on “Come Awake

  • Isaiah

    I feel like I’m bouncing through the darkness and the light. Days I’ll be fired up to read the bible and see what I need to add to my life and other days I’m procrastinating about reading the bible just because how my day went. I must learn to stay consistent