Complacency Kills 2

complacency killsComplacency Kills

Those who are complacent (self-satisfied, self-regarding, satisfied, pleased) about their spiritual life, those who are content with a mediocre relationship with God are those who will most likely become prey to the tactics of Satan. A stagnant soul is a soul that lacks the move of God’s Spirit.

Sadly many Christians are living a complacent Christian life and have no desire to grow in Christ, to be vessels used by God. They have no desire to Make a Difference in this world. Truth is there are individuals who have no relationship with Christ that are doing more than most Christians. This breaks the heart of God. We are given the Holy Spirit so we can walk in victory over sin and so we can be ambassadors (representatives) of Christ. Each of us must ask ourselves, “What type of ambassador for Christ am I?” Am I asking God to mold and shape me more into the image of Christ? Do I have an excitement for the things of God?  Am I saying “God use me”?

Those who become spiritually complacent are fresh meat for the devil. The devil loves ‘eating up’ those who say “I’m good.” So what about you? Do you have a stagnant soul or a soul with living waters that is constantly being refreshed?

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2 thoughts on “Complacency Kills

  • Isaiah

    The more I read the bible and add to my life I get a lil excitement to continue reading and what more I can learn through the bible. Lifes been going a lot smoother.