Brittney Holifield Testimonial-Giving Hope 2

brittney holifield testimony

Brittney Holifield Testimonial-Giving Hope

Brittney was addicted to marijuana, opiates, meth, and cigarettes. She also had a major sexual addiction, and extremely co-dependent. Along the way Brittney got pregnant and had an abortion. In the natural realm it would seem that there was no hope for her. She was quickly going down the path of total destruction. But God grabbed hold of her life and she is a transformed person.

In this interview Brittney shares how total strangers reached out to her and gave her hope. For many of those people it seemed like what they did to help did not matter to Brittney whatsoever. And truth is at times it did not matter. BUT the ongoing love that was shown to her softened her heart, gave her hope, and pointed her to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. Now Brittney is able to give hope to others.
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