Brittney Holifield Testimonial


Brittney Holifield Testimonial

When I made an emergency trip to Arkansas I made sure I dropped by a church close to our home. I made some great connections. On Monday I felt strongly led to drop by the Celebrate Recovery meeting. Time wise it was not the best decision, but spiritually it was well worth it. I was able to hear the testimony of Brittney Holifield. Her story is a story of redemption and transformation.

Brittney was addicted to marijuana, opiates, meth, and cigarettes. She also had a major sexual addiction, and extremely co-dependent. Along the way Brittney got pregnant and had an abortion. In the natural realm it would seem that there was no hope for her. She was quickly going down the path of total destruction.

At one time Brittney had made a profession of faith in Jesus. But like many in her situation it was more about Jesus being her Savior rather than her LORD and Savior. Then something took place that totally woke her up to the love of Christ. She was pregnant again. While pregnant for the first five months she was still doing drugs. She had gotten sick and the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to see the condition of her baby. The doctor told her that her baby boy was perfectly formed and that he would be born with no deformities or problems. Brittney was overwhelmed by the mercy and love of God. She felt God truly gave her a second chance.

Another stepping stone to her recovery is that the church members at her father and stepmothers church put on a baby shower for her. She was overwhelmed at the outreach of total strangers to her. Another sign of God’s mercy and love. Through this process she made a decision to change her entire life and she has now been sober from substances and addictions for almost two years. (Cigarettes for about a year.)

After hearing Brittney’s testimony I knew I had to interview her:
Brittney Holifield Testimony-Part One
Brittney Holifield Testimony-Part Two
Brittney Holifield Testimony-Part Three, Giving Hope
Brittney Holifield-Part Four, The Ugly Side of Addiction

I plan on doing a few more interviews, there is so much of her story that needs to be shared. She is an example of a person who is doing recovery the correct way:
Jesus is LORD, not just Savior, spending much time in the Bible and prayer, quitting all addictive substances, surrounding herself with godly individuals, building a strong support base, submitting to those who love her and want the best for her, desiring to break the cycle of addiction and sexual abuse by being a godly mother for her son Cameron.

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