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downoad from god-hearing his voice

Download from God
Hearing His Voice

One of the greatest experiences there is in life is to receive a Download from God. What do I mean by a Download from God? I am talking about hearing the voice of God. Not an audible voice but Him speaking into your heart and mind. It is amazing! A Holy God speaking to a sinful, broken human being. What if I was to tell you that as a follower of Christ this should not be shocking. This should be seen as a normal event. A common event. You say, a common event? Absolutely!!!

John 10:27-28
27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

Jesus is the Shepherd and we are the sheep. The Shepherd says the sheep hear His voice. The Shepherd says that His sheep follow Him. How can we follow Him if we do not have the ability to hear His voice? If you know anything about sheep they wander and can get themselves into trouble. Thus sheep are not perfect. We are not perfect, but can still hear the voice of the Shepherd. Sheep who hear the voice of the Shepherd cannot be plucked out.

If we cannot hear the voice of the Shepherd, the issue is us, not the Shepherd. Lies and deception can keep us from hearing His voice. Rebellion and stubbornness can keep us from hearing His voice. Not practicing His presence (spending private time with Jesus) can limit us hearing His voice. The good news is if you seek Him, He can be found. If you cry out to Him, and patiently wait for the answer, if you are desperate to hear from Him, He will speak. Don’t give up.

Lord, I need a download from You. I need to hear Your voice. Thank you that YOU WILL SPEAK TO ME!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Download from God

  • Isaiah

    I wonder about this often. I’m not sure if he’s speaking to me or if I’m just speaking to myself. When I feel I am talking to myself or I’m being spoken to, I try and do what’s best of whatever situation I’m in at the time.

  • Richard D. Dover Post author

    God cam speak to us so many different ways. Through the Bible, through reading a book or watching a movie, through circumstances, through nature, through others, AND by speaking to our soul/heart.

    In whatever way He is speaking to us, it will be according to the principles found in the Bible. If our heart says, go have sex with that beautiful woman we can know that is not God.