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dont abandon bible

Don’t Abandon the Bible
Play the Flute Movie

In today’s society, many, if not most, young people have no interest in the Bible or the things of God. Many young people today actually have a disdain for the Bible. In their minds the Bible has no relevancy, it is an outdated book.

So what happens? Many church youth group leaders are abandoning the Bible. They have gone to food, entertainment, and fun to capture youth, and have to continually increase the food, entertainment, and fun to keep the youth involved. Yes, they have a large youth group, but their is no substance.

They may have a large youth group, but is a youth group made up of secular young people who if they were in a car crash, would die and go to hell. A youth group who are not given a road map on how to travel in this very evil and wicked world. A youth group where there is no understanding of a loving, compassionate God, that has only the best for them.

Every youth leader that abandons the Bible is actually also abandoning the young people in their youth group.

Play the Flute is a movie about a youth pastor who is willing to fight the uphill battle for the sake of souls. He is willing to reach out to an indifferent group of young people and refuses to not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He refuses to abandon the Bible

Play the Flute is a critical movie to watch. So critical that I as a pastor have chosen to sponsor the showing of the movie in our local community. It is my hope that pastors/churches will partner with us to expose as many people as possible to the movie-to the BIBLE,the GOSPEL.

Click Here for more info on Play the Flute Movie.

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